More crazy Japanese chocolate

This is one of my favorite finds on the candy aisle at the Japanese grocery store.

Let’s see. A hippie lumberjack who smokes a pipe is pleased with his daily load of lumber, while a pink bunny expresses its displeasure at its newly deforested home. What this has anything to do with candy escapes me, but I laughed when I saw it.

Oh yes, the candy was milk chocolate covered cookies, shaped like little tree stumps. It wasn’t very good, but I loved the packaging.


Crazy Japanese chocolates

During the summer of 1999, I was shopping in a local Japanese grocery store when I decided to visit the candy aisle. I found this gem.

Granted, this barely qualifies as chocolate. There is just a smidgeon of milk chocolate (yuck) masquerading as the beef patty of an “everyburger”, which has two cookie buns and some “creme” condiments. I don’t know why it’s called “everyburger” either, and not “candyburger” or “sweetburger”, but that’s part of its charm.

And now a pause for some news

One of my co-workers, Sharon, gave me this advertisement for a local hospital that mentioned how good chocolate was for you.

A week later, my mom sent me this happy news article.

These are some of the very few non-label elements in my collection. I liked reading some positive news about chocolate, given how much of the stuff I have been eating.

Good milk chocolate!

I am on very good terms with my dentist. My family doesn’t have very good teeth, and my candy eating is not helping in that regard. So I see my dentist regularly, and since I have used many of her services (fillings, crowns, root canals, etc), I have recommended her to dozens of my friends.

In January of 1999, she gave me a gift basket of candy. I know it is ironic for a dentist to give me candy, but she knows how much I love candy (believe me, more than anyone on the planet, she knows), and the basket contained all sorts of yummy candies, like jelly bellies, chocolate bars, and even fresh baklava. Surprisingly, my favorite chocolate was a milk chocolate!

This yummy bar had cookies bits and coffee bits mixed into the chocolate, and the whole thing tasted very good. The coffee flavor was not too pronounced, so I could tell the chocolate was quite good. I made sure to tell my dentist at my next appointment, which perhaps not coincidentally, involved getting a filling. Recreational hazard, I suppose.

They cannot all be winners

My friend Larry gave me this German bar around Thanksgiving of 1998.

The milk chocolate was the typical bland, gritty, overly-salty milk chocolate. And while I like minty creams, but this was plain and very sweet (surprising for a European candy, which tend to be less sweet than ours). I appreciated the gift, but this bar went into my “thumbs-down” pile.

BTW, I have no idea why there are raspberries on this label. There is no fruit of any kind in this bar. Maybe they are a serving suggestion, such as “please eat one square of this chocolate along with some fruit to wash it down”.

More liquor and chocolate

I have already professed my love of liquor and chocolate, so I was pleased when my friend Larry gave me this beautifully-wrapped bar from Italy.

I love amaretto, and I really enjoyed this take on adding liqueur to chocolate in the form of alcohol-flavored “crumbles”. I am not sure what a crumble is, but they are very tasty. And look, another ship on the wrapper!