Chocolate at Club 33

In August of 1999, several of my co-workers and I celebrated our 33rd year on this planet by going to lunch at Club 33 at Disneyland. If you have never heard of this restaurant, I am not surprised. I had been to Disneyland numerous times and had no idea it existed. But if you are a member (and one of my co-workers was), you can make a reservation for lunch and dinner, and when you arrive at the park, you are given a complimentary one day pass.

Yes, eating at Club 33 let’s you visit the park itself for free!

The restaurant itself is amazing, from its unobtrusive entrance near the Blue Bijou, to its glass elevator from the lobby to the second floor, from the incredibly efficient and professional wait staff, to the delicious entrees and desserts. The day we went there was an all-you-can-eat buffet, with entrees such as lamb chops, lobster tails and a pasta station with its own chef, who would put together any kind of pasta, sauce and extras you would care to name. I went up to the buffet three times!

There was even an entire dessert table filled with cakes, pies, puddings, parfaits, cookies…a seemingly endless variety of sweets. My face must have dropped when I noticed there was not a single chocolate dessert, because a waitress stopped to ask me if anything was wrong. I mentioned the lack of chocolate, and she just smiled and pointed to the opposite wall, where an all-chocolate dessert table was placed. Yes, they had so many chocolate desserts that they gave them a table of their own! And at the end of the meal, they gave us chocolate tablets that tasted surprisingly minty, like an Andes mint.

After lunch, we waddled into the park, but after riding the Big Thunder Mountain roller coaster, we all agreed that we had eaten too much to go on any more rides. We went back to work, where I am sure I was useless for the rest of the day.


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