My friend Sissie sent me this bar from Japan in May 2004.

It was good chocolate, but I was confused (and still am) what the phrase “ropeantast” means that is printed along the top of the wrapper. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


Baci Perugina

My boyfriend David gave me one of these Italian chocolates in early 2004.

These are really good! The inside is a chocolate butter cream mixed with hazelnuts, and the whole thing is coated in rich dark chocolate. Baci is Italian for “kisses”, and apparently these are the chocolates of lovers in Italy. I can see why. They are delicious!

More Greek chocolate

Here’s another bar I got from Katarina.

This Nestle bar was pistachio nuts covered in milk chocolate. This is a great combination and tasted wonderful! I have not seen many other chocolate bars that use pistachio in them. In the US, those nuts are either eaten by themselves or in ice cream. That’s too bad, because I’d like to try a dark chocolate version of this bar.

Update on November 5, 2014: it turns out this bar is not Greek, it’s Turkish! My friend Alper C. wrote me to say the “wrapper is in Turkish. It says Antep (Gaziantep is a city over here) Pistachios with Milk Chocolate”. When I told him I got it from a Greek friend, Alper said “it’s very common for Turkish chocolate to be sold in Greek markets”. So there we go! Sorry for the mistake!