Choco Digestive

I found these oddly named cookies at Mitsuwa.

These were ok. The chocolate was not very good, and the cookie part was very bland. And despite the  word “bourbon” in the corner, there was no liquor in these cookies.


Royal Dark chocolate

My friend Tiffany gave me this Cadbury dark chocolate bar in February of 2005.

It was really good! Very smooth and dark and with lots of cocoa butter, so it melted in your mouth. I ate some of it, and the rest I used to make meringue mushrooms, the highest honor I can bestow upon any chocolate.

Chocolate Band-Aids

I found this fun package of chocolates in CostPlus.

The package was the size of a box of band-aids, and each chocolate was wrapped in a band-aid wrapper and shaped like a band-aid strip too. Fun! But they were terrible milk chocolate. I don’t even think I ate the whole box. I shouldn’t have expected anything better, because I don’t know of a good chocolatier based in Paramus, New Jersey.

More chocolate money

Today I am beginning my posts of labels from Volume 2 of “Chocolate I Have Known”. I finished my last volume in January of 2005, and I started the new volume a few weeks later in February.

I found these foil-wrapped milk chocolates at CostPlus in Costa Mesa. The chocolate was truly and stereotypically awful, in all the ways that milk chocolate is awful. It was salty and not very chocolatey in flavor, and it barely melted in your mouth, so you had to chew it up really good. But the labels were awesome, looking like US currency in denominations of 1, 5, 10, and 100 dollars. Given that I started the whole label-collecting thing with chocolate that looked like Italian currency, I thought this was appropriate.

I have managed to keep this theme of starting a volume of chocolate labels with a label that looks like money for six volumes, so I hope you like it.



Cain’s hot cocoa

I spent the Christmas holidays with my boyfriend at his family’s house in Kansas. Everyone was very nice, and we met a lot of extended family members and family friends over that week. For many of the people we met, we were probably the first openly gay couple they had ever seen before. I felt like we were representing the entire gay community to them, and I think I left them with a good impression when we left.

One evening while picking up last minute Christmas ever supplies at a grocery store, I found this package of hot cocoa.

I didn’t get a chance to try this cocoa until late in January 2005, and I found that it was just OK and not much different than Swiss Miss hot cocoa. But the name was great! And what a great way to finish Volume 1 of “Chocolate I Have Known”! Yes, this was the last page of my first volume of chocolate labels, so tomorrow I begin posting from Volume 2.

Chocolate Reserve Note

Many years ago, back in 1991, I was in graduate school at UCI. I used to make desserts almost every day when I got home from classes, and my next door neighbors, Megan and Catherine, would often help me eat them. There was no rhyme or reason to what I made. I would bake whatever I felt like eating that day.

I was digging around today in old boxes of memorabilia, and I found this hand-drawn 3×5 card I had made.

I had given this to Megan on her birthday, and she obviously must have redeemed it! I don’t remember what I made for her, but I hope it was delicious.