Endangered species chocolate

My friend Kevin (aka Scale) gave me this extremely dark chocolate bar.

At 88% cacao, this bar was right at the edge of what I would consider the tasty range of cacao in dark chocolate. It wasn’t very sweet, but it was delicious and I loved it. And the fact that the money goes to help endangered species is a wonderful bonus.


More chocolate from Lake Champlain

My friend Tiffany gave me another chocolate bar from Lake Champlain.

This was a very good chocolate bar. While the bar is formed in Vermont, the chocolate is made in Belgium, and it tasted every bit like the fine European dark chocolate that it was.


My friend Steve brought me back this Scharffenberger bar from San Francisco.

This chocolate was delicious. As I would come to learn later, 75% cacao is in the perfect range of dark chocolate cacao percentage. It is not too bitter and not too weakly flavored. And Scharffenberger makes excellent single-origin chocolates, which capture the essence of the cacao bean grown in one small area. In this case, Cuyagua is a small town on the Venezuelan coastline, known for its surfing and its cacao plantations. I don’t know how to surf, but I can tell you that they grow excellent chocolate!

Irish whiskey truffle

My friend Scotty visited Ireland with his aunt and brought me back this bar.

Ug, this bar was awful. The chocolate was dry and mealy, and if the label hadn’t said it was dark chocolate, I would have guess it was milk chocolate from its color. And the whiskey flavor just came across as a kind of sour aftertaste. I couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth for hours. Blech!

Solid Godiva

I found this Godiva bar in late 2005, but I didn’t eat it until 2006.

It was a good dark chocolate bar, typical of what I’d expect from Godiva. I always wondered why the label says “Solid Dark Chocolate”, though. Do they sell a lot of hollow bars or liquid bars that they need to specify that this one is solid? They mention it twice on a label that says little else.

Five Star chocolate

My friend Tiffany gave me this chocolate bar.

This bar was delicious! The closest thing I have had like it is a Reese’s peanut butter cup, but this was so much better. It contained peanuts and crisp rice in addition to the peanut butter, and the milk chocolate was really good. I would love to have tried a dark chocolate version,  but this is one of the few milk chocolate bars in my collection that I loved. I’d give this bar 5 stars! (see what I did there?)

Green tea Kit Kat’s

My friend Sissie brought me this bar from Japan in 2006.

These are green tea flavored Kit Kat bars. They are regular Kit Kat wafers covered in white chocolate that is flavored oh so delicately with green tea. I could barely taste the flavor. It was more of an aftertaste. And while I liked the bar since it was so unusual, it was really not that good. However, it is one of the few white chocolate bars in my collection that I didn’t dislike.