Museum of Chocolate

Once again, my friend Lucy found some amazing chocolate during her world travels.

She found a box of single origin bars at the Museum of Chocolate in France. Each bar had its own cacao percentage and was made from cacao beans exclusively from the country on the label. Several of the bars were my first chocolates ever from that country!

This delicious 60% bar was from Brazil. Amazonas is a state in the northern part of the country. Surprisingly I had never had chocolate from Brazil before! This was a great introduction to it.

This yummy bar was from Ecuador. At 70% cacao, it was just inside my favorite cacao percentages of 70-80%.

This was my first chocolate ever from the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. Made from cacao on the Tobago side, it had the perfect 75% cacao percentage that I have grown to love.

Rounding out the box from the museum was this bar from Trinidad. At 80% cacao, it was the darkest and most bitter of the bars, and I really liked it.

What a great gift! I loved all of these bars, and I got to taste chocolate from a couple new countries too. Thanks Lucy!


Chocolate from Oregon

My friend Lucy continued her world travels, this time passing through Oregon.

What a crazy label! It looked like they could not decide what photo of Oregon back country to use, they just went ahead and used all of them. And they did the same with the fonts, using a new one for each line. For a label without much information on it, it sure is busy!

The dark chocolate was great, however. It was very dark, almost black, and although there was no cacao percentage on the label, I would be surprised if it was under 70%.

Belgian pralines

My world traveling friend Lucy also visited Belgium in 2008, where she picked up these pralines in Brussels.

Despite loving nuts and chocolate, I have never been a big fan of pralines. But these were different from the dry, mealy pralines I have gotten used to in the States. They were dark chocolate filled with a soft creamy center that tasted like almonds. They were delicious!

My first Scottish chocolate

My friend and world traveler Lucy went to Scotland in the summer of 2008, and of course, she brought me back some wonderful chocolates.

These were delicious and unusual chocolates! They were all great, but if I had to pick a favorite, it would probably be the espresso truffle. It was incredibly chocolatey and rich in coffee flavor at the same time, and it melted in my mouth.

This Iain Burnett chocolatier was one of several in Grandtully, where Lucy had stayed.

I need to visit Scotland!

Jean Philippe

My friend Lucy brought me back some chocolates from a chocolatier in Las Vegas.

As you can see, this patisserie makes a variety of lunch items in addition to wonderful chocolate treats. Lucy had brought me some truffles, which were delicious. She also mentioned a beautiful chocolate fountain, which I finally got to see for myself.

The fountain is huge, over twelve feet tall, and has separate streams of white, milk and dark chocolate. If you are in Las Vegas, you should visit the Bellagio hotel and check this place out. And buy some chocolate while you are there.

Lots of Godiva

One afternoon, I began eating several of the smaller Godiva chocolates from the gift box that Erik had given me.

This little tablet of dark chocolate was delicious, right in my sweet spot of 72% cacao.

These truffles were also yummy. I always enjoy good dark chocolate plain truffle, just creamy chocolate covered in a chocolate shell. Simple but delicious.

While I don’t always like caramels (they are often too hard and too sweet), these were soft and very tasty, with that burnt flavor of really good caramel. Being covered in dark chocolate was a bonus.

These were unusual little disks of chocolate, filled with the same chocolatey filling as the truffles. I liked them, but I’d rather just eat a truffle, which is bigger and had a larger filling to coating ratio.

I loved these! I love almost any nuts covered in chocolate, but Godiva makes some excellent dark chocolate, so these were really good.

Wow, looking back, I ate a lot of Godiva that day.