Dangerously dark chocolate

Erik gave me this “dangerously dark” chocolate in 2009.

This chocolate was delicious! At 72% cacao, it had the perfect combination of sweetness and bitterness, and the taste was earthy and roasted. I loved it.


Champagne cognac chocolate

My friend Erik gave me this unusual chocolate when he visited from San Francisco in 2009.

I didn’t really care for this chocolate. I am not a big fan of champagne, and of course, it’s milk chocolate. But look at this label! The scan doesn’t do it justice. The label is the shiniest gold paper I have ever seen, and it made the bar look like a real gold bullion bar. Exquisite.

A darker Ghirardelli

I found this bar at the local grocery store in 2009.

I have had Ghirardelli chocolate before, but never this dark. At 86% cacao, this chocolate is right at the edge of my chocolate range. Past this point, the chocolate tastes too bitter for me to enjoy. But I really liked this bar, and in fact, it’s one of my favorite Ghirardelli bars. I think the stark, unadulterated chocolateyness of it was a welcome change from the myriad of flavored chocolate I had eaten recently.

My first chocolate from Slovenia

My friend Steve gave me this chocolate in 2008, but I got behind in my labels and didn’t add it to my collection until 2009.

This was a strange bar. The pumpkin seeds and oil made for an unusual taste and texture, and I am not sure that I liked it. It was…different. However, it was my first ever chocolate from the country of Slovenia, which I must admit that I had never heard of and had to look up. It’s a small country in Central Europe, but it has its own language (Slovene), and “strast” is their word for passion. I just wish I had some for this bar.

BTW, I laughed when I read the label and saw “Produced in Slovenia for Oil Company Kocbek”. I heard it in my head in the voice of Coach Lugash from the Simpson’s. I have no idea why.

Fresh marshmallows

Andy, a co-worker, brought these locally-made marshmallows into the office.

These marshmallows were delicious! I had never tasted fresh ones before, and there is no comparison to store-bought ones. These were light and soft and had a strong vanilla taste, and the thick coating of excellent dark chocolate was a wonderful counterpoint of taste and texture. You would bite through the thick chocolate layer into the soft marshmallow, and the two flavors would blend in your mouth. It was difficult not to eat the whole bag myself.