Aero egg

Troy brought back another chocolate treat from Brighton.

This candy was an “egg” made of whipped milk chocolate covered in a shell of milk chocolate. I was surprised by this Aero egg, because I really liked it. The chocolate flavor is quite pronounced, and it wasn’t overly sweet. He said they made them in bar form too, which I’ll have to try.


A chocolate Christmas

As 2012 draws to a close, I wanted to post some photos to show how a chocoholic spends his Christmas. My in-laws came to visit for the holiday, and they enjoyed wine or a cocktail while we watched movies or played board and card games. This was something I found at the local liquor store.

Adult Chocolate Milk

It was delicious and tasted just like regular chocolate milk, except your mouth and throat was warm afterward. As you can see in the photo, most of it disappeared as soon as I opened it.

My sister-in-law, who knows me well, gave me a set of bittersweet chocolate polyhedral dice as a stocking stuffer.

Bittersweet Polyhedral Dice

I haven’t eaten them yet. I want to show them to my D&D group before I do. I may even try to play a game with them, although they may start to melt if I use them to roll to-hits and saving throws.

Finally, while perusing the new merchandise at my local Japanese dollar store, I found this chocolate box.

Chocolate Box

I am not sure what I am going to do with this tupperware-like box, but I do plan to take some truffles to work next week in it. Maybe I will store candy in it later, or use it as a bento lunch dessert add-on box.

I hope you all had a wonderful 2012, and may 2013 hold even more chocolate surprises in store for us.


My co-worker Troy went to England to visit our Brighton office, and he brought me back this bar.

I must admit that I laughed when I read the slogan “It’s not for girls” and saw the O in Yorkie, but I cannot imagine this marketing campaign going over well in the States. Sure enough, according to their wiki page, it didn’t go over well in England either, or in Norway. It caused some controversy, but Nestle didn’t change the label.

In any case, it was a bland milk chocolate bar, overly salty in that Cadbury-esque way. I think the salt is supposed to make the chocolate taste better, but I didn’t like it. Oddly, the label doesn’t list salt as an ingredient (which are Sugar, Dried Whole Milk, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Vegetable Oil, Whey Powder, Lactose, Emulsifiers, Butterfat, and Vanilla), so I wonder where the saltiness comes from.

Idaho Spud

I found this candy bar in San Francisco while on a trip there in early 2010.

I decided to take it with me back home, where I ended up taking it to work. It was such a strange candy that I shared it with four other co-workers, and nobody liked it. The bar was a chocolate-covered marshmallow, sprinkled with coconut. The chocolate was terribly bland and the marshmallow was grey and unappetizing, but I liked the coconut. Overall though, the bar was bad.

Looking back, I think this was the candy bar that started a trend of me taking chocolate to work to share with co-workers. I called it a Chocolate Eating Meeting, and I had them two or three times per week for about a year. Needless to say, these meetings accelerated my label collecting tremendously, especially when my co-workers started looking for unusual chocolates to bring in to work. In one year, I probably collected three times the number of labels I had collected in the previous seventeen years.

So begins the Year of Chocolate, lasting from the spring of 2010 to the early summer of 2011.

Dark Reese’s

I found these chocolates at a local Smart & Final (which is like a small warehouse store).

Finally! Reese’s made their famous peanut butter cups with dark chocolate, and they were fantastic.The dark chocolate has a deep and slightly bitter flavor which balances the sweet peanut butter filling so well. They should make this the default version, and sell the milk chocolate version as an occasional variant.

I bought an entire case of these, twenty-four in all, and ate them slowly, one per day, over the next month. Then I went back and bought another case.

Dark chocolate peanut M&M’s

I found these in the Easter holiday aisle at a local drugstore.

These were great! I like regular peanut M&M’s but they taste so much better when they contain dark chocolate. They taste richer and have a more roasted flavor.

My color blindness has grown so bad that I had to ask someone why they thought the package was labeled “bunny mix”. I thought it was because the M&M’s had eggs and bunnies printed on them, but my friend said it was because the colors were pastel. I hadn’t noticed, because all colors look pastel to me.