Endangered species milk chocolate

My co-worker Michele found this bar at an organic grocery store in the summer of 2010.


This was surprisingly good milk chocolate. I think it was better tasting than most milk chocolate because of its high cacao percentage.  A milk chocolate bar by Hershey contains about 11% cacao, so this bar is more than four times higher than that. And by eating it, you save an otter somehow!


Vosges Bombalinas

I saw these chocolate covered almonds at a candy store, and I freaked out!


Let me explain the causes of my freak out. First off, this was Vosges, and I love Vosges chocolate! Second, these were chocolate covered almonds, which are one of my favorite candies. And third, this package was ten dollars.

Yes, that’s right. This package of chocolate covered almonds was ten dollars. Note that it is 2.5 ounces and contained around two dozen almonds. That’s around 40 cents per almond! They were good too. Smokey, salty, crunchy, chocolatey. All the good things I want in a chocolate covered almond. But they were not stunningly fantastic, and at that price point, they needed to be. I don’t think I’d buy these again…and I am saying that about Vosges! It’s amazing for me to even read those words.

On a side note, I am wondering if I need to make a new category of chocolate called “deep milk chocolate”. Categorizing this as milk chocolate seems unfair, because it has a lot more cacao than milk chocolate normally does. It tastes like creamy dark chocolate. If I see more deep milk chocolate, I will add the category.

República del Cacao

My co-worker Sean and his wife traveled to the Galapagos Islands in 2010, and when they returned they brought me this bar.


This was a good bar. It had a nice deep rich chocolate taste, but I didn’t notice any fruity or spicy notes, like the wrapper suggested I would. Maybe my taster bits were off that day, but it tasted like non-single origin chocolate. In other words, it was good but not complex.

However, I would like to visit the Galapagos Islands one day too. I would like to pet a giant turtle and see all of the marine lizards that sleep on the shores of the island to take in the sun.

Cachet chocolate

I found this single-origin chocolate bar at a local candy store.


This bar was not very good. It was waxy and flavorless, which was surprising for an 80% cacao bar. I was also surprised that they would advertise that the bar is made of forastero beans, the most common and least flavored of cacao beans.Criollo beans are the money bean, since they taste much better, especially when mixed in with other cacao beans for a mix of chocolate flavors.

This was both my first Cachet bar and my first bar from the country of Uganda. Since it wasn’t very good, I was disappointed, but I am going to blame the brand and not the country. You’re off the hook for this one, Uganda.

And as of this post, I have now been posting to this blog daily for one year. With several more volumes of “Chocolate I Have Known” remaining to be posted, I should be good to go for a few more years!

Even more endangered species chocolate

I have had several endangered species chocolate bars, but I found a new one at a local candy store.


This bar was very good. The chocolate was very deep and rich, and the crunchy little nibs added just the right bitterness to the mix. Plus, by eating this bar, I saved an adorable bat somehow. And what a cool looking bat! I think if a bear and a wolf had a baby, it would look like that bat. Am I right?

Firecracker chocolate

I found this Chuao bar at my local candy store.


This was a good chocolate bar, almost a great one. I liked the chocolate itself a lot. It tasted much richer and darker than just 60% cacao, and the chunks of salt and popping candy were nice additions. But the chipotle spice made the whole bar taste a little off. I understand it was added to extend the “fireworks” theme of the bar, but I think they should have left it out. The popping candy was more than enough for that theme.

My first Colombian chocolate

I found this bar at my local candy store in early 2010.


I know I have said this before, but I usually don’t like fruit in my chocolate. But I liked this bar, probably because I love passion fruit. I got addicted to these little fruits when I went to Hawaii a few years ago, but when I tried one here in California, I had an allergic reaction to its skin, so I need to be careful when eating the real thing. This bar had little chunks of dried passion fruit which were quite tasty, and the chocolate itself was very good. The 70% cacao is right in my sweet spot.

This bar was also my first Colombian chocolate. I had no idea at the time, but that’s one of the reasons I am making this blog. I had no entry for Colombia in my country list, so this must be the first time I had chocolate from that country. And this was a great first bar!