Green Earl Grey Tea Infusions dark chocolate

After the last terrible experience with Tea Infusions chocolate, I shouldn’t have tried that brand again. But I saw this dark chocolate bar at the candy store and figured I would give it a try.


Ew, this bar was terrible. It was way too sweet, and the tea flavor was overpowering! I don’t see why they bothered making it with dark chocolate, since any flavor from the chocolate was completely lost. I’ve given up on this brand.



Godiva Santo Domingo

I had another great find at my local candy store.


This bar was delicious, like much of the Godiva chocolate that I have eaten before. The chocolate was very smooth and very bitter. With the cacao at 85%, it was at the edge of my favorite zone of cacao percentage. This bar was barely sweet, with just enough sugar to make this more than a bar of baking chocolate. I loved it!

This is also my first single origin chocolate bar from the Dominican Republic. What a great first taste from that country!

Endangered bear chocolate

Woohoo, I found more endangered animal chocolate!


This bar was good stuff! The chocolate was perfect, smooth and rich and dark, right in my sweet spot with 72% cacao. And the raspberries were great little dried tart bits that went well with the dark chocolate, with their being sweet and a little sour. And of course, there is a big ol’ bear on the label.

Like I said, perfect. 🙂

Chocolove Grenada

I found this Chocolove bar at my local candy store (which is called Powell’s Sweet Shoppe, since I should give them a shout-out for all the good chocolate they have).


This was a really good chocolate bar. Surprisingly good, really. I know I keep saying that this brand is so-so, but then I keep posting good bars from them, but trust me, some yucky chocolate is coming up.

But THIS bar is great. Maybe it was the single-origin beans from Grenada (this was my second bar from there, here’s my first), or maybe it was the 60% cacao, but this bar was deeply flavored with a very earthy chocolate taste. I liked it a lot, but as a limited production bar, it disappeared in a few months, never to be seen again.

Vosges Woolloomooloo

I found this crazy-named Vosges bar at my local candy store.


This was a good Vosges bar, but not a great one. It was their “deep” milk chocolate, their name for milk chocolate with a lot more cacao than a normal milk chocolate bar. Their cacao percentage is 45, compared to a Hershey bar with 11. So it’s nice and richly flavored, but I can’t help but think it would be better if they went all the way and made it dark chocolate. Oh well, their call.

Anyway, this bar had nuts (yay!) and coconut (hmm…) and hemp seeds (what?). I liked the nuts and thought the coconut was ok, but I couldn’t taste the hemp seeds at all. Maybe they were just there to add texture, but as a flavor component, I’d say they were worthless. Still, though, this Vosges bar was pretty good, but it won’t go on my list of favorite bars from them.

Lindt Lindor truffles: the bar

I found this Lindt chocolate bar in my local grocery store in July 2010.


This is the bar form of their Lindor dark chocolate truffles, which I absolutely love! In fact, I recently bought six bags of these truffles on Amazon, and I am carefully rationing them out so they will last several weeks. Believe me, I could eat them all in a day if I didn’t do that. They are THAT good.

But I digress. The bar is a three-by-six grid of square truffles that you break apart. Each one tastes just like a Lindor truffle ball, but it’s smaller, probably a third the size of a truffle ball. This little size just encourages me to eat more, and since it’s a bar, it’s harder to keep the extra truffles to eat later, since when you break one square off, the next one tends to “leak” a little, with its truffle filling oozing out. And that is chocolate wastage and I will not have that in my house!

The taste is incredible. The dark chocolate shell is delicious, and I let the square melt in my mouth until the shell gets so thin that the chocolate truffle filling starts to pour out. And that filling is fantastic. It’s dark and rich and creamy and smooth, like butter whipped with chocolate. These truffles really are one of the best chocolates you can buy in the States today.

TLDR: This is a fantastic bar, and the truffle balls are even better!