Buckaroo Bar

I found this bar at the candy store, and despite it being milk chocolate, I had high hopes that the almond butter crunch would make up for that.


Yuck! This was a terrible bar! The milk chocolate was hideous, being the worst kind of milk chocolate: waxy, sweet and salty. And the almond butter crunch was sickly sweet too. I only ate a bite and let my co-workers pick at the rest.

I am sad sometimes that my country makes such awful chocolate. But at least we have sexy cowboys.


Wou ha!

A co-worker named Long sent this baked good to another co-worker named Michele while he was in Paris, and she brought it to a chocolate eating meeting.


This was a French crepe, filled with dark chocolate and rolled up. It was delicious! The crepe was very light and the chocolate was very dark, and the whole thing was very rich. I think we were supposed to heat it up, and I imagine it would taste even richer and more buttery when warm, but it was really good “as is” straight from the wrapper.

Moonstruck Dark Chocolate Chile Variado

My friend Steve brought this bar to work for us to try at a chocolate eating meeting.


I expected this bar to be very hot and spicy, but instead the chili added a smokey flavor to the chocolate. I quite liked it, actually. And like the previous Moonstruck bars I have tried (both from Steve as well), it had nearly the perfect percentage of cacao, making it very deeply chocolate flavored too.

Good bar.

Chocolate Voodoo Doll

This was a very strange addition to a chocolate eating meeting, brought by my co-worker Troy.


While this looked like an oddly shaped chocolate bar, it was surprisingly good chocolate. Very rich and much darker than it looked on the label. I checked the ingredients and it was dark chocolate but no cacao percentage was specified.

Oh, and for the record, I didn’t do any voodoo with it. I thought about it though.

Garoto Ao Leite

I found this chocolate bar at a local CostPlus store in 2010.


This bar was terrible milk chocolate, terrible in all the usual ways that milk chocolate is terrible. It was salty, waxy and had little chocolate flavor. About the only thing I liked about it was the nice photogenic family on the label. They looked happy and smiling, probably because they didn’t have to eat the chocolate.

This was my first chocolate bar from Brazilian manufacturer Garoto. It will probably be my last.

Bossner Aerated Chocolate Number 777

My friend Larry gave me this bitter chocolate bar from Germany after he traveled there for work.


This was a really good chocolate bar, and it tasted much darker and richer than 60% cacao. I would have guessed 80%, especially since it had a very bitter finish. Maybe the taste was altered from the aeration, which I guess isn’t just for Russian chocolate anymore. I need to remember to look for aerated chocolate, since I always seem to like those bars.

This was also my first bar from Bossner, a German company which also sells cookies, cigars, cognac, and wines. Now that is an adult candy company!

Thornton’s Dark Chocolate Balsamic

Today let’s look at one of the most unusual chocolates that I ate in 2010. This bar was from my good friend Erik.


First off, let me just say that this chocolate bar was delicious! It had a deep rich earthy chocolate flavor, with a bitter, somewhat astringent aftertaste that I would guess came from the balsamic vinegar. Otherwise, I couldn’t taste any vinegar component at all. It just tasted like a really good 75% cacao chocolate.

But this was also my first chocolate from Thornton’s, a confectioner in the UK, and my first taste of Tanzanian chocolate. I love that I have been eating chocolate for decades and there is still new stuff out there to discover, and some of it is really good, like this bar. Definitely recommended!