Shokomonk chocolate

My co-worker Troy found this bar in Germany (many of my co-workers went to the same game conference there).


This was pretty good! It’s a dark chocolate bar with pop rocks embedded in it. I think it’s funny that a candy that makes me think of my childhood in the 1970’s is suddenly making a comeback. Or maybe it never really went away. In any case, I like how this bar tasted.


Läderach Absinth Truffle bar

Robert brought several unusual bars back from his conference trip to Germany, including this absinth bar.


This was an odd-tasting bar. The chocolate was OK, but its flavor was overpowered by the absinth filling, which didn’t really taste like a liquor. It was more of an weird minty flavor that I didn’t enjoy at all. Overall, I was not a fan of this bar.

Choco-Lina Sheepmilk bar

Robert brought this unusual bar back from Germany, where he was working at a game conference.


This was a strange bar. It’s made with sheepmilk, something I have never tried before. I labeled it as a dark chocolate bar. I am not sure why this is not a milk chocolate bar instead of a dark chocolate bar with milk, but that’s what the label says. In any case, I really liked it. The 70% cacao made it very deeply chocolate flavored, and the sheepmilk made it smooth and taste a little bit like cinnamon. It was a good flavor combination. I don’t think I’d want to eat this regularly, but it was fun to try. This was also the first bar I’d ever had from Austria!

Hacienda Lara

Robert picked up this bar in Germany while attending a video game expo there in August 2010.


Yum! This was was 100% cacao, which means no sugar or other flavorings at all. That means it is pure unadulterated chocolate, and as a single origin bar (sourced from Ecuador), I could really taste its notes. It was bitter of course, but there was a fruitiness to it too, and an almost nut-like aftertaste. It was hard to believe that nothing else was added to it. I really liked it!

I think this was my first 100% bar (I got close in 2006 with a 99% bar in France), and I will admit that they are not for everyone. Most of the chocolate eating meeting group did not like this bar, calling it a block of baking chocolate, which of course it is. But I liked it for its purity and for allowing me to taste the chocolate and only the chocolate. I wouldn’t want to eat this bar every day or even as a snack, but as part of a chocolate appreciation meeting, definitely!

There would be more such bars in my future. This would not be my last 100% bar.

Lake Champlain Raspberry Truffle

Kristy continued her fruit-and-chocolate-bearing arrivals to the chocolate eating meetings with this bar.


This was a very good bar. The chocolate was good with nothing special about it, but the raspberry flavor was incredible. It tasted like natural raspberries, and it was very intense. Again, here’s a wonderful example of a chocolate and fruit bar done right.

Amella Black Forest Caramels

Kristy brought these unusual chocolate-covered caramels to work for a chocolate eating meeting.


These were very yummy. The caramel center was soft and sweet and tasted strongly of cherries, and the whole thing was covered in a thick layer of very good dark chocolate. After this candy, I am going to stop saying that I don’t like chocolate and fruit. But I will continue to say that there are a lot of bad ones out there. However, Amella gets it right!

Valor chocolate with forest fruits

My co-worker Kristy continued her generous contribution of fruit-oriented chocolate bars by bringing this Valor bar to a chocolate eating meeting.


This bar was fantastic, like previous Valor bars I have had. The chocolate was very dark and very rich, and the fruit was freeze-dried bits of raspberries and blackberries, and they paired with the chocolate very well. Like yesterday’s Amedei bar, I think that freeze-dried fruit tastes so much better than dried fruit, especially with chocolate. Plus, freeze-dried fruit is not sulfured, so if that chemical causes you headaches as it does to me, then these kinds of chocolate bars are perfect for you.