Soma Dark Fire

Michele H. also brought this unusual bar into work.


This bar was very spicy! You could really taste the chili peppers! There wasn’t much chocolate flavor, and I couldn’t taste the cinnamon or ginger at all, but there was a licorice-like aftertaste, so I am guessing that anise and/or fennel was part of the “secret spices”. I’m not a fan of licorice, but this bar was very popular at the chocolate eating meeting.


Soma Dark Peruvian Chocolate With Orange Peel

My co-worker Michele H. found this bar in Canada over Christmas break in late 2010.


This bar was good. The chocolate was actually really great and seemed much darker than 64% cacao, but the orange flavor was overwhelming, and the orange peel was very chewy and stuck cloyingly to your teeth. I was tasting orange for about ten minutes after I tried this bar.

Madécasse Chocolate

My co-worker Kristy brought this chocolate into work for a chocolate eating meeting.


The chocolate was delicious. It had an earthy flavor and a slightly fruity aftertaste, something I have come to expect in single-origin chocolates. They often taste like they have fruit or spice mixed in with them, even though they are pure chocolate.

I looked up the company, Madécasse, and found that it was started by Peace Corps volunteers who had worked in Madagascar and wanted to help the farmers there earn a better living. The chocolate is entirely grown, manufactured and packaged in Madagascar, and I think the results are wonderful. I plan to help support this company.

Chocolot Artisan Collection

Robert got me this wonderful box of artisan chocolates for Christmas.


These were delicious! The box contained bite-sized chocolate-covered candies, and their flavors were so varied and distinct. There was honey, and lemon, and peanut butter, and mint…and each one was incredible, with a strong rich flavor that paired well with the chocolate. I looked up the company and discovered that all of the chocolates made by Chocolot are made by one person, Ruth Kendrick. Wow, that is seriously handmade! Thanks Ruth!

Lindt Black Currant

I found this Lindt bar while visiting my in-laws in Utah for Christmas.


This bar was delicious (as are most Lindt bars). The chocolate was their signature deep, rich, smooth dark chocolate, and the currants had a bright taste to them, almost like blueberries (which was awesome because I was expected something like a raisin flavor). And of course, I loved the addition of almonds in the bar, because nuts and chocolate are the best combination.

Overall, this was a fantastic chocolate bar.

Chuao Honeycomb

My co-worker Michele brought this bar into a chocolate eating meeting, one of the first such meetings in 2011.


Like most Chuao bars, this one was very good. The chocolate was very rich and creamy (yes, it was creamy dark chocolate), and the honey was crispy, like little bits of puffed rice. I liked the combination of chocolate and honey taste too. It wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet like you might think it would be.

Choxie Dark Chocolate

I found this bar in the grocery section of my local Target store.


This bar was pretty good! It was very dark and had a deep chocolate flavor. It wasn’t the best chocolate I have ever had, or even in the top 10, but for the price, this bar was fantastic. If I were to organize a list of chocolates by their “flavor divided by cost” ratios, this one would be at or near the top. If Lindt wasn’t so readily available, I would find myself turning to Choxie in times of need.