Kinder Happy Hippo Cocoa Cream Biscuits

I found these rocking hippo biscuits at CostPlus World Market.


These were great! The biscuit was more like a crispy cookie with little crumbles around the base, and the inside had a delicious chocolate fudge filling. I brought these to a chocolate eating meeting and they were a HUGE hit. I wish I had bought more!


Choxie Dark Chocolate Raspberry Lemon Biscotti Truffle Bar

I found this bar with the extremely long name at Target in early 2011.


This bar was good, but not great. The filling was sweet and very tart, and it made this more of a candy than a chocolate bar. I could barely taste the chocolate when I ate it. Still, for the price, Choxie is a decent purchase for a chocolate or a candy fix.

Hershey Special Dark Cologne

Occasionally I like to post about chocolate-related products, even if they aren’t chocolate bars per se. So, of course, when I bought this product, I had to post it here.


This cologne is amazing! It smells exactly like dark chocolate. It’s strong when you put it on, but it fades quickly until there is just a lingering scent, reminiscent of someone baking with chocolate. I think I have found my scent.

You can check out other scents at the Demeter home page (no this isn’t an ad, I just like the company). They have lots of cool colognes, like Brownie or Chocolate Chip Cookie, and not a single white chocolate fragrance in the bunch.

Morozoff Premium Chocolate Collection

My co-worker Lin L. gave me this chocolate after returning from a trip to Japan over Christmas break 2010.


These were really good chocolates! This was a variety pack, like a Whitman’s Sampler, but high quality chocolate and with delicious fillings. There were dark and milk chocolate pieces, and I tried both, but I liked the dark chocolate ones better. Of course.

The inner label implied this box was for romancing and wooing type activities.


I liked it anyway.

I was curious how a Japanese firm came to be named Morozoff. It turns out the company was started by a Russian immigrant to Japan, and he brought the concept of Valentine’s Day to that country. Before Morozoff, that holiday was only practiced by foreigners. Now everyone participates. That sounds wonderfully sweet until you remember that he was trying to sell chocolates, and then it just sounds capitalistic.

As an aside, the box itself was metal, so I have started using it to keep my chocolate scrapbook accessories (scissors, notepaper, pens) in one place. It’s a nice reminder of how good chocolate can be and how wonderful unexpected gifts are.