Palmer North Pole Pals

My co-worker Doug K. brought this Christmas-themed chocolate to work for us to try at a chocolate eating meeting.


Gross! This was some of the chalkiest milk chocolate I have ever eaten. I had to drink a glass of water afterward, it was that dry. I can tell you that these guys are NOT my pals!


Nuts by The Bald Man

My co-worker Kristy R. found this neat little chocolate confection by Max Brenner, also called Chocolate By The Bald Man.


These were delicious! I love pecans, and these chocolates were like oblong truffles with a pecan in the center. I have had other chocolates by Brenner, and you know, I think I love every confection this bald man makes. He’s that good!

Fearless Raw Organic Chocolate

My co-worker Michele H. found this interesting bar and brought it in to a chocolate eating meeting.


This was a very good chocolate with a very deep chocolate flavor. I wondered what they meant by “raw”, and it turns out that this chocolate was never cooked. It is heated to 118 degrees Fahrenheit to melt the cocoa butter and form the bar, but that’s it. Cool!

And I loved the inner liner too!


Yes, I will eat your chocolate!

Kinder Chocolate

My co-worker Cory H. brought this chocolate into the office to share.


Woah! This chocolate was grossly over-sweetened and didn’t taste chocolatey at all (maybe that is why the label says “+Milk -Cocoa”). And the milk paste inside was disgusting. The whole thing seemed really low quality, which was especially disappointing given how good their Happy Hippo Cocoa Cream Biscuits were. And don’t even get me started on that creepy Stepford kid on the label.

Not a fan.

Dark Chocolate Quinoa Midnight Crunch

My co-worker Michele brought this bar she found at Mother’s Market to a chocolate eating meeting at the office.


This bar was pretty good! The chocolate was rich tasting, and the quinoa provided a nice crunch. And on top of that, the bar was vegan, organic, fair trade and zero emission! I feel like I am saving the world by eating this chocolate!

Niederegger Marizpan With Walnuts and Maple Syrup

Someone brought another Niederegger bar to the chocolate eating meeting. I don’t know who because after we tried it, no one would admit to bringing it.


This bar was gross! Just like the classic bar and ginger bar, it tasted gross, and that flavor overpowered any chocolate taste from the coating. The hideous marzipan flavor was accentuated by astringent walnut bits and cloying maple syrup. None of those flavors went well together in this bar. It was so nasty. I can see why the person who brought it wanted to stay anonymous.