Yacht Man Chocolate Cologne

I found another chocolate cologne.

2013-10-30 21.35.18

Unlike the Demeter chocolate cologne, which smells exactly like dark chocolate, this cologne is more complex and smells more like regular men’s cologne. Some reviews say it smells like a Burberry cologne, but I don’t own any of those so I can’t compare. I think it smells mossy and earthy, and maybe there is a touch of chocolate under that. I might be imagining it, though.

Also, this cologne is supposed to be Spanish, but mine says “Made in Germany” quite clearly on the label. It’s made by Myrurgia, which is a Spanish company, and they are fully owned now by Puig, another Spanish company, but I am listing this as a German product based on its manufacturing location.


Chocolate and Love Filthy Rich

My co-worker Troy H. brought this bar back from England, where he had attended the Brighton Chocolate Festival while on a business trip there…after finishing his work duties of course.


This was a bar of plain dark chocolate, and it was really good. The chocolate flavor was deep and had a pronounced roasted finish along with some bright notes in the aftertaste. It was quite a hit at the office chocolate eating meeting.

Mieszko Espresso-Filled Dark Chocolate

I found a bag of these chocolates at CostPlus World Market.


The bag was filled with individually-wrapped truffles, whose interiors were a coffee-flavored gel. I thought they were really good, but some people in the office chocolate eating meeting thought they were too sweet, and a few thought the coffee flavor was off. I am not a coffee drinker, but I thought they tasted fine.

This candy was my first chocolate from Poland. I was surprised that it took eighteen years of eating chocolate to find some from that country. I have tons of labels from surrounding countries like Germany and Slovenia, but I finally got a Polish one.

Chuao Earl Grey

My friend Tiff C. seems intent on providing me with every single Chuao variety bar in existence (and I think that’s awesome!). She gave me this bar in spring 2011.


Despite being milk chocolate, this bar tasted very deeply of chocolate. And the tea flavor was very pronounced too, and the two tastes went very well together. Overall, this was a very good bar!

And I promise to stop using the word “very” so much.

Eclipse Morrocan Spice

Here’s another Eclipse bar that Robert picked up in San Diego.


This bar was just OK. While I liked the chocolate itself and the addition of pumpkin and sesame seeds for texture, I couldn’t taste the harissa at all. One of my favorite local restaurants has a delicious chicken and couscous dish made with harissa, and I love its spicy garlicky taste. But I could taste nothing spicy in this bar, which was a disappointment.