Pralus Pyramide des Tropiques

In August of 2011 on my birthday, I was in Seattle in Chocolopolis, a small chocolate shop in Queen Anne Hill, where I found this package of ten small chocolate bars, a tasting pack of chocolate.


These were delicious, all of them. I must admit that my memory of the day is a bit hazy, as birthday libations followed my visit to this store, and I misplaced these and a few other labels after the trip, which is why they are appearing out of date order in my blog. But I remember tasting each bar and finding them all to be exquisite. All of them are single origin, and all were 75% cacao. I will need to try more bars from Pralus.

BTW, the Chocolopolis store was really amazing too. They have a wide range of unusual and rare chocolates, at least here in the States. They are worth a visit if you are in Seattle.

And speaking of libations, I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year’s Eve tonight! I’ll see you back here in 2014, with a whole bunch of new chocolates.


After Eight Mint Chocolate Thins

I will now disclose a guilty little pleasure of mine.


I like these little chocolate candies way more than I should. They are not the best chocolate in the world, but they are incredibly tasty little wafers. I love the mint filling, which isn’t so strongly flavored that I can’t taste the chocolate too. I used to eat a couple (or more) in the evening to get my chocolate fix, when I didn’t have a new bar waiting for entry into this blog.

BTW, I always thought of these as British chocolates, but they are made in Hamburg, so I am marking them as German.

Dark Aero Bar

Back when I tried my first Aero egg, I remember wishing they came in bar form, which would be easier to eat. Then a co-worker gave me an Aero bar, which was delicious, but I remember wishing it was dark chocolate. Then my friend Mike H. came through with this Canadian bar.


Man oh man, this was the BEST Aero yet! There is something about bubbles in chocolate that intensifies the flavor, making this 70% cacao bar taste super rich and deeply chocolatey. I wish they had these bars in the States, but I’d probably weigh five hundred pounds if they did.