Xocolatl De David Raleigh Bars

My friend Tiff C. gave Robert several chocolate bars for his birthday that she picked up in Portland.


This one was very good. With the nougat, caramel and pecans, it reminded me of a fancy Snickers bar. I liked the liquor in the caramel. It gave it a nice bite.


This one was good too. I consider it the basic bar, since the other two seem to be variants of this one.


This one was the best of the three. The addition of bacon to the mix was a masterful idea, and it moved this bar past “fancy Snickers” to “amazing creation”.

Thanks Tiff!


Chuao Maple Bacon Bar

My friend Tiff C. gave this bar to my husband Robert for his birthday in July of 2012.


This was a very good bar. The sweet and salty bacon blended well with the chocolate, and the whole bar had a smoky flavor from the sea salt. The only way this bar could have been better would be if they had used dark chocolate!

Cacao de Chuao

My friend Tiff C. gave me this unusual Chuao bar.


This bar was delicious! Seriously, this was one of the best chocolates that I ate in 2012. It had a rich deep chocolate flavor, with wonderful bright notes so common in single origin bars but extra pronounced in this one. I liked this bar so much I deconstructed the whole package. The above image is the front flap, and this is what was underneath.


This shows how cacao beans are laid out to dry and ferment in the sun. And the back label contained the complete story of this bar.


This was really an amazing chocolate. Try it if you can find it!

Sun Cups

Robert and I found these at Sprouts, our local organic grocery store.


These were strange. The dark chocolate was really good, but the sunflower butter filling was simultaneously lighter yet greasier than a Reese’s peanut butter cup. Plus, it left a strange aftertaste in my mouth, an odd earthy flavor that lasted for about an hour.

Not a fan.

Truffles by Sir Hans Sloane of London

My friend Lucy H. sent me these truffles in July of 2012 from a trip she took to England.


These were very high-quality truffles, but they had bloomed a bit (probably exposed to heat). The dark ones were my favorite, but the milk chocolate ones were good too. I really liked the packaging. The box was tied with a ribbon closed with a wax seal.


That’s very fancy!