Montezuma’s Dark Chocolate Orange & Geranium

An ex-coworker Mike G. gave me this bar that he picked up on a trip back to his native England.


This was a strange bar. The chocolate was good (maybe a little less dark than I would have hoped), but the orange flavor was unusual, with a strange aftertaste twang. Since I couldn’t taste the floral geranium flavor, I am assuming that aftertaste was it. All in all, it was nice bar to try, but I am not sure I would want it again.

I also thought that the name Montezuma was a little odd for a British chocolate. Their website gives no clue as to the origin of the name other than they liked exploring South America, and that they were ex-lawyers. As long as the bar doesn’t seek revenge, I’m good with it.


One thought on “Montezuma’s Dark Chocolate Orange & Geranium

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