J.D. Gross Single Origin Tablets

Tina, my HR Director, also gave me these single-origin chocolate tablets, also from J.D. Gross.


I tried this 60% cacao one from Brazil first, and it was very good. Dark but sweet.


I was surprised that this Venezuela chocolate, at only 56% cacao, tasted more chocolatey than the 60% Brazilian one. This is just more evidence that chocolate origin matters.


This tablet from Ecuador was really good, dark and bitter.


And this tablet from Trinidad was the best, being dark and rich and at that perfect cacao percentage of 75%.

These chocolates reminded me of the ones that my friend Lucy found at the Museum of Chocolate in France, but those listed a different company on their labels, and many of the countries are different too. Still, they tasted very similar, so I suspect they may be made by the same manufacturer and then labeled differently by different stores.


J.D. Gross Mousse Au Chocolat

The HR Director at my office gave me this bar to try.


This bar was very good. The chocolate was dark and rich and also hollow, and the inside held a dark chocolate mousse. The whole thing was very chocolatey indeed!

I had never heard of the brand J.D. Gross, so I looked it up. It is a store brand of the discount grocery store LIDL, a German-based chain that is all over Europe. So I classified this as a German bar.


Lindt Lindor Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Truffles

We started playing AD&D last year (yes, the first edition) with some friends. We meet for lunch first, and then we return to the house for three to four hours of adventuring goodness, old-school style. My friends Ryan and Kim brought a bag of these to one of the game sessions.


These were really good. While I like the dark chocolate ones better, the addition of hazelnuts to these milk chocolate truffles made them quite good on their own. Lindt may make a milk chocolate lover out of me yet!

Justin’s Organic Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Robert and I found these at Sprout’s, our local organic grocery store.


They were delicious! The chocolate was very dark, almost black, and the peanut butter had a nice peanuty taste without a lot of sweetener in it. They reminded me of Newman’s Own brand peanut butter cups, and those come with three cups in a package, which I am just pointing out, and which is not necessarily better, just more…just saying.

Mocha Chip Kerfluffles

My co-worker Javier O. gave me an unusual chocolate confection, a Kerfluffle.


A Kerfluffle is a hand-made marshmallow, very soft and not too sweet. I thought it was delicious, especially because the flavor was mocha chip!


The marshmallow was flavored with espresso and cocoa, and it was studded with little dark chocolate chips. The taste was light but distinct, and the coffee and chocolate flavors paired very well.

Lindt Diät Milch

My friend Tiff C. gave us this Lindt bar from a trip she made to Europe in late 2012.


I ate this chocolate without looking closely at the label. I remember thinking “this is pretty good milk chocolate”. Only later, when I went to scan the label for this blog, did I realize that this was a diet bar sweetened with aspartame instead of sugar! I was super impressed by that! I could not tell that this was a sugar-free bar when I ate it.

I wonder if they make a dark chocolate version…