Cherry Blossom Kit Kat

My co-worker Dini M. gave me this unusual Kit Kat from Japan in September 2013.


This was a cherry blossom Kit Kat, which I thought was quite an interesting flavor. I wish it hadn’t been white chocolate though.



Peanut Butter Snickers

I found this unusual Snickers bar in a candy store in San Clemente.


I’ve always liked Snickers bar, but this one was really delicious. It reminded me of a Reese’s peanut butter cup, only crunchier and more peanuty. And no, even though the label implied that I should, I didn’t save one for later.


I had my friends Larry and Maria and their children over for dinner, and they brought this Russian chocolate bar for me.


This bar was great! Like many Russian bars, it was aerated and filled with many tiny bubbles, and the chocolate flavor was quite pronounced.

I’m sorry about mangling the name, but the only word I can read on the label is “Craba”.