Jcoco Black Fig Pistachio In Dark Chocolate

I saw this unusual candy bar at the candy store in San Clemente and knew I had to have it.


I opened the package to discover three individually wrapped bars, each with its own trippy 60’s-style wrapper.




Not only were these wrappers awesome, the chocolate inside was very good too. The dried fig and roasted pistachios went very well with the dark chocolate. And yet another surprise was inside the flap of the wrapper!


So not only was this chocolate very tasty and the wrapper super hip, but the company donates back to the community with every purchase! I think this was the best thing I bought at that San Clemente candy store.


Côte d’Or Praliné Fondant Noir

My friend Mike H. gave me this bar right before Christmas 2013.


This was a really good bar. The dark chocolate was very deep and rich, and surprisingly, I loved the praline filling too. And I laughed at the “croquez-moi” on the label. Only in French can you say “bite me” and have it sound so cultured!


A. Kopkyhob Wokorag

My co-worker Jan N. gave me this Russian bar, which I have no doubt mangled the name of.


This bar was milk chocolate with whole roasted hazelnuts, and I loved it! Yes, that’s right, I loved a milk chocolate bar. It had a deep chocolate flavor (I don’t know the cacao percentage, but I would guess 40% or thereabouts), and it wasn’t salty like a lot of American milk chocolate bars. Plus, those hazelnuts were delicious, and I think they helped me like the milk chocolate even more.

Fran’s Chocolates

My friend Tiff C. brought us these chocolates from a trip she made to Seattle in November 2013.


There were three bars, two 68% cacao and one 100%. All were single-origin, with a 68% from Bolivia and the rest from Madagascar. The Bolivian bar was the best, with a bright note to it that I love tasting in single-origin bars. The Madagascar bars were good too, and they had a fruity taste to them. The 100% bar I tasted a few squares by itself, and then I baked with the rest.

Hedonist Artisan Chocolates

In November 2013, my sister-in-law Brittney sent us a box of chocolate goodies from a chocolatier called Hedonist.


This package contained a wide array of chocolates (dark, milk, white) and flavors, from nuts to florals to candied ginger and black pepper. The quality was fantastic. I even liked the milk chocolate ones, and my favorites were two of the barks, one almond and the other pistachio, both in dark chocolate. There was one piece in the entire collection, a white chocolate mint, that I didn’t care for, but Robert thought it was amazing. Overall, this was one impressive box of chocolates!