Harry Potter Chocolate Frog

I found this little chocolate treat at a candy store in San Clemente in the fall of 2013.


When I say “little chocolate treat”, I meant it. This thing was barely half an ounce of chocolate! But it was no big loss, because it tasted exactly like a boring old Nestle Crunch bar, one that just happened to be shaped like a frog.

As for my Collectible Wizard Card, I got Minerva McGonagall!


The scan looks odd because this is one of those cards that changes images as you tilt it back and forth, and the scanner couldn’t decide which image to capture, so it’s a little of both. I thought it looked cool.

And this brings us to the end of Chocolate I Have Known, Volume 5! It took a little over two years to fill this volume, and tomorrow I will begin posting from Volume 6, which I am still filling today. Soon I will have caught up on over twenty years of chocolate eating!


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