Ritual Chocolate Balao 75%

My generous and handsome friend Connor sent me this unusual bar.


This bar was delicious! The chocolate flavor was very deep and intense, with some very bright sweet notes in it. I shared it with co-workers, and everyone wanted seconds. I wanted it all!

And the most amazing thing about this bar? Not only is it single-origin, it is from a single farm in Ecuador! All the beans were from one single farm, meaning the taste was very precise. It’s hard to explain, but single origin bars tend to have singular notes in their taste, and this one had that in spades. I loved it! Probably my favorite bar of 2014 so far. Thanks Connor!


Hachez Wild Cocoa De Amazonas

My friend Sissie C. gave me these long thin Hachez bars to try. I have had Hachez before, with mixed results, so I was not sure what to expect from these bars.


This first one was 38% cacao and milk chocolate, and it was just OK. Surprisingly for a European chocolate, it was not very tasty.


Hmm, this one was better, with a deeper chocolate taste (and 45% cacao), but it was still milk chocolate.


Ah, this one was very good! At 70% cacao and being dark chocolate, I really liked it. I shared it with people at work, who also liked it.

And the best part of these bars? They came in a cool aluminum tube!


I don’t know why I like this tube so much, but I do! It is really sturdy but very lightweight, and the top opens with a zipper. I am not sure what I am going to store in it, but I am keeping it around for when I figure out what to do with it.

Lindt Gold Bunny

I saw these on an Easter display at my local grocery store and I had to have one!


It was fantastic, as I expected from Lindt. And while it was hollow, the bunny shell was very thick, especially around the ears which were almost solid. I went back to the store a few days later, but they were sold out.

Later in the week, an art director at work excitedly shared one of these with me, as he knew I liked Lindt and wanted me to try it. So I actually got to eat two of these!

Laura Secord 85% Dark Chocolate

My friend Mike H. gave me this Canadian bar to try.


This bar was very good, with a rich chocolate flavor, but it was also very crisp and non-creamy, probably because it was so high in cacao. You had to chew it for a few seconds before you tasted any flavor.

I had no idea who Laura Secord was, but Wikipedia tells me that she was a hero of the War of 1812! I am not sure what that has to do with chocolate, but go Laura!

Halekulani Chocolate Truffles

My generous friend Lucy H. arranged for some friends visiting Hawaii to return with these truffles.


The box contained four amazing truffles, each one a different flavor.


They were amazing beautiful truffles.


I wish I could pick a favorite, but they were all delicious. Honestly, these truffles were some of the best I have ever had. Deep rich chocolate paired with amazing delicate flavors, these truffles were each a masterpiece. I must visit this hotel in person some day.

Thank you Lucy!


I apologize for the translation of this chocolate. It was a gift to my husband Robert from a producer at work, who picked it up in Russia during a trip.


This was a wafer filled with praline and covered in dark chocolate. It was very good and not too sweet, and proof that I can like praline.