Hammond’s Sea Side Caramel Dark Chocolate

My co-worker Steve W. brought in another Hammond’s chocolate bar for us to try.


This bar was just as good as the other ones from this brand. I liked the caramel, which was soft and gooey, but it was a little too sweet, even with the salt mixed in. The dark chocolate shell was great, but the whole bar tasted too much like a candy bar than a chocolate bar. They could stand to lower the sugar content about 30% or so.


Olive & Sinclair Southern Artisan Chocolate Coffee Bean

My friend Lucy H. gave me this unusual chocolate bar from Tennessee.


While I have had Olive & Sinclair chocolate before, this bar was really good! The chocolate was dark and deeply flavored, and the roasted coffee bean pieces added a nice smooth bitterness to the bar. I took it to work and shared it, and everyone wanted a second piece!

Missionary Handcrafted Vegan Vanilla Salted Caramel Truffles

Mu husband Robert went to Portland in early June 2014 to visit some friends, and he returned with these truffles.


The box contained two large square truffles that looked very dark and were covered in salt. They tasted delicious, salty with a deep chocolate taste and strong vanilla and caramel flavors. I looked on the back on the box to see this.


These were milk chocolate! Yes, they used coconut milk, but that still makes these milk chocolate. They were very dark and rich for milk chocolate, and the use of brown sugar gave the caramel an interesting molasses note that I don’t think I would have recognized if I hadn’t read the ingredients. Overall, a great truffle!

And now I want to try their other flavors!

Elite Bittersweet Chocolate

I found this bar on the kosher aisle of my local grocery store.


This bar was good, but it was bit too sweet for my tastes. I was surprised that it was as sweet as it was for a 40% cacao bar. I was also surprised there was a cow on the cover, because there was no milk in this bar. And I while I have had Israeli chocolate before, the last ones I had were 20 years ago! It was high time for another!