Lake Champlain chocolate samples

Robert picked up some Lake Champlain chocolate samples at The Wired Puppy, a coffee house that we frequented in Provincetown.


The first one was good, decent dark chocolate. Nothing amazing, but good.


The second one was better. It was dark chocolate, but not as dark as the first, and it had cinnamon and cayenne pepper in it. The heat seemed mild at first, but it grew as you chewed it, and it was quite hot at the end. I liked it!


This last one was my favorite. Even though it had the least cacao and it was a mix of milk and dark chocolate, it had a deep chocolate flavor, probably enhanced from the salt. And I am a sucker for any chocolate with almonds in it. Yum!


Cadbury Bitsa Wispa

Here’s another chocolate that Terry and Andrew gave me in Provincetown two weeks ago.


I had never even heard of these chocolates, and apparently they are fairly new, being launched in 2012. Based on the aerated Wispa bar, these are bite-sized versions of that chocolate. I thought they were ok, along the lines of an aerated Hershey kiss, but my office mates loved them, and they were quickly devoured.

If only Cadbury made a dark chocolate version…

Cadbury Twirl Bites

Here’s another English chocolate treat that my friends Terry and Andrew gave me at Provincetown last week.


I’ve never been a Cadbury fan, but these were pretty good, actually. They were little milk chocolate nuggets made of lots of thin folds of chocolate, layered on top of each other. Like aerated chocolate, that folding seems to intensify the chocolate flavor. I mean, these still tasted like milk chocolate, but very rich milk chocolate. I would love to try these in dark chocolate!

Lake Champlain Triple Nut Milk Chocolate

I found this bar at a candy store in Provincetown last week.


I have had Lake Champlain bars before, and like those, this one was good but not great. The milk chocolate was good but nothing special, but I liked the three kinds of nuts in the bar. I just wish there were more of them. There were less nuts in this bar than in a Ritter bar, which is my “go to” bar for dark chocolate and nuts. Still, for a chocolate bar at a lazy sea side resort town, this one was pretty good.


Goo Goo Clusters

Somehow I have made it forty-eight years on this planet without discovering Goo Goo Clusters, a chocolate treat that everyone else seemed to know about. My generous co-worker Brian M. rectified this situation by providing me with a Goo Goo Variety Pack.


A typical Goo Goo Cluster is a core of soft caramel and marshmallow, sprinkled with peanuts and coated in milk chocolate. This box contained 6 Goo Goo Clusters: three original, two supreme, and a p’nut butter.


The original one was good, but I found it to be a little too sweet for my tastes. A lot of the chocolate covered peanuts fell off of it, and those were quite yummy to eat.


The supreme was a little better, with pecans replacing the peanuts and providing a nice astringency to the candy bar that I liked.


The peanut butter one was the best. The overly sweet caramel and marshmallow was replaced with a yummy smooth peanut butter filling, making the whole thing into an over-sized, peanut-studded Reese’s cup. It was my favorite!

Taza Coconut Kisses

I found this chocolate bar in a fudge and candy shop on Commercial Street in Provincetown, and I brought it back to share at the office (such willpower that took!).


I loved this bar! It was dark rich chocolate, almost black, and the coconut was ground up into the chocolate, giving it a soft texture that almost fell apart in your mouth. My co-workers were less happy with it, calling it gritty and chewy. But still, they liked the taste too. I’m giving this bar a thumbs up!

Cadbury Roses

I just got back from a week in Provincetown, Massachusetts, where Robert and I rented a house near the beach with a couple of friends from England. Terence and Andrew were very generous and brought some chocolates for me to try.


I have never seen this Cadbury assortment here in the States. The box contained a large variety of wrapped chocolates. I really liked Brazilian Darkness and Coffee Escape, but Hazel Whirl, Country Fudge, Signature Truffle and Hazel in Caramel were good too. The candy wrappers were color-coded, but my friends helped me figure out what was what.

Thanks Terence and Andrew!