Cacao Tree Lease

Robert leased me a cacao tree for my birthday!


I own part of a cacao tree which, when harvested at the end of its growing season, will have some of its beans made into cocoa powder and sent to me! This is the coolest present ever! Thanks Robert!


Ritual Chocolate Madagascar 75%

My buddy Connor sent me another Ritual bar to try.


Like the last Ritual bar, this bar was made from the cacao beans from a single farm, this one in Madagascar. This single origin gave the chocolate some unique and singular notes, in this case, a fruity citrus flavor. The chocolate almost tasted liked it had some orange mixed into it, but as you can see from the label, it’s nothing but cacao and sugar. Amazing!

Alnassma Camel Whole Milk Chocolate

My co-worker Roby A. gave me a third camel milk chocolate bar.


This was a whole milk bar, with no spices like the other camel milk bar. It was 21% camel milk and 36% cacao, and it was pretty good. I shared it with my co-workers and everyone liked it, but we agreed there was an unusual aftertaste, as if the bar had been made with a touch of yogurt. Not bad, but definitely unusual!

Cadbury Curly Wurly

This was the last chocolate bar in the package of chocolates that Terry and Andrew gave me in Provincetown.


This package contained 5 individually-wrapper Curly Wurly bars. Each one looked like this.


A Curly Wurly bar is a flat twine of caramel, covered in milk chocolate. It reminded me of a Marathon bar, something I used to eat when I was a kid. However, I found the caramel to be very hard and difficult to chew, and the chocolate…oh, the chocolate. I have had better chocolate from a stale, bloomed, dime store Easter bunny. I just do not get the attraction of Cadbury milk chocolate. I must not have the taste for it.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel

I am still working my way through the enormous amount of chocolate that my friends Terry and Andrew gave me in Provincetown. I opened this package at work yesterday.


Inside were four packs of chocolate bars (well, three bars, because one got eaten in Ptown), and each one was scored to break easily into eight pieces.


I thought this was typical Cadbury milk chocolate, but the caramel had a great consistency (if a bit too sweet). I shared all of the pieces with my co-workers, and they really liked them. All of them were gone in sixty seconds!

And for those keeping score, I did not win a chocolate bar. The inside label apologized and told me to keep smiling anyway.

Alnassma Camel Milk Dark Chocolate 70%

My co-worker Roby A. generously supplied me with a second camel milk chocolate bar, and a dark chocolate one at that!


I call this a dark chocolate bar even though it contains camel milk. There was just 2% camel milk, and it is a 70% cacao bar. And it was excellent dark chocolate. Very smooth and creamy, probably more due to the honey than the milk. I liked this bar better than the milk chocolate version, mainly because this one was not spiced, letting the full chocolate flavor through.

The Walt Disney Family Museum TCHO Chocolate Collection

My friend Lucy H. sent me a box of chocolates from the Walt Disney Family Museum in the Bay Area.


The box was a collection of four different types of chocolate. Two of them were single origin (one from Peru and one from Madagascar) and two were milk chocolates. An insert explained their flavors.


Let’s go through each one.


The fruity one was amazing. It tasted like a good dark chocolate, but as you chewed it, a fruit flavor came forward and took center stage. I thought it tasted like blueberries with a touch of grape jelly. There was no fruit in the chocolate, however. It was just a single origin chocolate from Peru.


I really liked the bright one. It had a sunshine-like aftertaste that was almost metallic. And it was made from beans all from a single farm in Madagascar. Outstanding.


The 39% cacao milk chocolate tablet was pretty good. The chocolate flavor was very strong, but it was little too sweet for my tastes.


The 53% cacao milk chocolate was very good. It was less sweet and more chocolatey than the 39% bar, and it was still very creamy. All and all, an excellent milk chocolate.

I thought this was a great collection of chocolate, and it made me want to explore both the Disney museum and the TCHO line of chocolates in more detail. Thanks Lucy!