The Walt Disney Family Museum TCHO Chocolate Collection

My friend Lucy H. sent me a box of chocolates from the Walt Disney Family Museum in the Bay Area.


The box was a collection of four different types of chocolate. Two of them were single origin (one from Peru and one from Madagascar) and two were milk chocolates. An insert explained their flavors.


Let’s go through each one.


The fruity one was amazing. It tasted like a good dark chocolate, but as you chewed it, a fruit flavor came forward and took center stage. I thought it tasted like blueberries with a touch of grape jelly. There was no fruit in the chocolate, however. It was just a single origin chocolate from Peru.


I really liked the bright one. It had a sunshine-like aftertaste that was almost metallic. And it was made from beans all from a single farm in Madagascar. Outstanding.


The 39% cacao milk chocolate tablet was pretty good. The chocolate flavor was very strong, but it was little too sweet for my tastes.


The 53% cacao milk chocolate was very good. It was less sweet and more chocolatey than the 39% bar, and it was still very creamy. All and all, an excellent milk chocolate.

I thought this was a great collection of chocolate, and it made me want to explore both the Disney museum and the TCHO line of chocolates in more detail. Thanks Lucy!


2 thoughts on “The Walt Disney Family Museum TCHO Chocolate Collection

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