Madécasse 80% Dark Chocolate

I found this dark chocolate bar at my local organic grocery store last weekend.


I was intrigued by the “bean to bar” phrase, so I read about this company, Madécasse. It is run by ex-Peace Corps volunteers who worked in Madagascar and wanted to help the farmers there benefit from their cacao harvest. The farmers were growing cacao and shipping it off of the island, without ever seeing what it would become. In fact, many of those farmers had never tasted chocolate. Madécasse helped them develop their farms and buy equipment to harvest, ferment and produce chocolate. The result is COCOMA, the Cocoa Company of Madagascar.

And let me say that this chocolate was delicious. It has that single origin “brightness” that I have talked about before, plus it has an additional berry-like flavor combined with a sour, almost astringent, aftertaste. I know that doesn’t sound good, but it really tastes great. Everyone liked it and wanted a second piece, and I want to try more of the chocolate in this line. It tastes good and is doing good for its farmers. You can’t ask for more than that.


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