Godiva Dark Chocolate Truffles

My co-worker Brian H. brought in this bag of Godiva truffles today.


These were really good, an outer shell of dark chocolate with an inner filling that melted in your mouth. They reminded me of Godiva truffle bars except they were individually wrapped. They were a wonderful surprise. Thanks Brian!




See’s Dark Chocolate Balls

I was having a minor meltdown at work yesterday. Many people were emailing me about the shortage of chocolate predicted for next year, and there I was, sitting at my desk with no chocolate at all. My co-worker Brian H. took pity on me and brought me this bag.


These were yummy! See’s makes a good dark chocolate, on par with Godiva, and these hit the spot. I shared them with my co-workers, who agreed they were pretty good!

Thanks Brian!

Nohmad Extra Dark Chocolate

My friend Tiff C. gave me this unusual bar last weekend.


This chocolate was unusual for several reasons. First, it was single origin chocolate from Ecuador, and also it was heirloom, made of cacao from trees between 30 and 80 years old. They don’t roast the chocolate and instead cold press it after it has fermented and sun-dried. Finally, they don’t use cane sugar to sweeten it; they use maple sugar, which imparts a very unusual flavor to the chocolate.

I loved this bar. It was dark and earthy and had a slight coconut flavor, followed by a long drawn-out coffee-like aftertaste. Several of my co-workers didn’t care for it, but I think that was because 85% cacao is an acquired taste. But that just left more for me!

Ülker Milk Chocolate

And now for the last of the Turkish chocolate from Alper C., the Ülker milk chocolate.


The box opened up to reveal eight small chocolate tablets.


I shared them with my co-workers, and we all stood around eating the tablets. They were standard milk chocolate, not bad, tasting like 15% cacao or so, but then I checked the back of the box and discovered they were 30% cacao! Wow, I never would have guessed. That’s almost three times the cacao in Hershey’s chocolate! Alper said that this was the chocolate that children would eat, and all I can say is they are lucky children if this is their standard chocolate. I bet they would dislike American chocolate a lot.

Bind Chocolate

My friend Alper C. included some fancy truffles from Bind Chocolate, a Turkish chocolatier.


There were four different truffles inside the box.


Clockwise from the top left, there was:

  • Dark chocolate covered marzipan, very yummy. I don’t normally like marzipan, but this was almost almond cake. It was very light.
  • Milk chocolate and caramel, good and not too sweet. The caramel was thick and gooey.
  • White chocolate with milk chocolate filling. I tasted this, but it was not my thing. I let Robert eat most of it.
  • Mocha truffle. Delicious and my favorite! Crunchy sugar on the outside and very rich and creamy inside.

This was great chocolate, and a wonderful introduction to a new chocolatier! Thanks Alper!

Eti Chocolate Sticks

Yesterday at work, we tried these chocolate sticks, another gift from my friend Alper C.


The box contained eight individually wrapped sticks of milk chocolate.


I really liked the packaging. It was very slick and made you look forward to the chocolate goodness inside. But the sticks themselves were so-so. They weren’t bad, but they weren’t good either. They were relatively run-of-the-mill milk chocolate, somewhat bland and a little salty. Better than Hershey, but not by much.