Nohmad Extra Dark Chocolate

My friend Tiff C. gave me this unusual bar last weekend.


This chocolate was unusual for several reasons. First, it was single origin chocolate from Ecuador, and also it was heirloom, made of cacao from trees between 30 and 80 years old. They don’t roast the chocolate and instead cold press it after it has fermented and sun-dried. Finally, they don’t use cane sugar to sweeten it; they use maple sugar, which imparts a very unusual flavor to the chocolate.

I loved this bar. It was dark and earthy and had a slight coconut flavor, followed by a long drawn-out coffee-like aftertaste. Several of my co-workers didn’t care for it, but I think that was because 85% cacao is an acquired taste. But that just left more for me!


One thought on “Nohmad Extra Dark Chocolate

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