Imperial Hotel Chocolate Redux

My friend Lucy H. returned from a trip to Japan with a box of chocolates from the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo.


While I have had these chocolates before, this box was a little different. The previous box was white chocolate tablets and dark chocolate tablets, while this one was mixed chocolate (white and dark) tablets and dark chocolate tablets, like this:


I tired them both, and while the mixed chocolate was good, I liked the deeper, richer flavor of the dark chocolate tablets. Like many Japanese chocolates, these were not very sweet, which I love. That just lets the chocolate flavor shine through even more.

Thanks Lucy!


Chocolat Etc. Maison Verjus Chocolate Assortment

My world-traveling friend Lucy H. sent me a package of miscellaneous chocolates from her trip to France this month.


This box was filled with an assortment of chocolates of all types: truffles, soft centers, nut chews, fruit-topped, and so on. Robert and I dove in before I could get a picture, so you will have to believe me when I tell you that they were beautiful as well as delicious. I ate the dark chocolate ones and Robert the white, and we split the milk chocolate ones. All of them were fantastic. I especially loved one with thin, crispy layers of honey-tasting sheets, covered with dark chocolate. I don’t know exactly what it was, but it was great.

Lucy, you are awesome.

Swiss Colony Truffles

My mother-in-law Pam sent us two packages of Swiss Colony Truffles for Christmas. The first package contained chocolate truffles.


They were very good. The milk chocolate shell covered a solid chocolate ganache center which melted in your mouth. Yum!


These truffles were really good! Each column was different, with shells of milk, dark and white chocolate. And the ganache inside were flavored with different liqueurs, like Amaretto, Frangelico and Grand Marnier. My favorite was the dark chocolate shell filled with a cappuccino ganache. Those are the ones on the far right.

Thank you Pam! Merry Christmas!

Baron Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffles

Robert picked up this bag of truffles at a craft store over the weekend.


I was not a fan. The truffles were overly sweet, and the raspberry filling completely overcame any taste of chocolate that the shell may have had. And despite the label saying dark chocolate, the shell looked like milk chocolate, and the ingredient list contained milk. So I am crying foul, and I would recommend passing on these truffles.

Nestle Toll House 75th Anniversary Tin

I usually buy my chocolate chips at Trader Joe’s, where they are just as good and much cheaper, but how could I resist a fancy metal tin like this?



The chips inside are standard Nestle semi-sweet, which are good for cookies and melting into a quick ganache or frosting, but nothing to write home about (so to speak). But I loved the idea of having this tin to keep my chocolate chips in, and nobody says those new chips have to be Nestle.

Hello Kitty Wafer Cookies

My friend Tiff C. gave Robert and me this elegantly packaged tin of wafer cookies.



Inside the Fugetsu-do bakery bag was a gold foil-wrapped tin. Inside were two packages of Hello Kitty wafer cookies. Each package had three cookies, each with a different flavor of cream inside: vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. All three were fantastic. The wafers were so thin they broke easily, and the thin layer of cream inside was barely sweetened and very tasty. I had eaten two of my cookies before I remembered to snap the picture above…that’s how good they were!

Thanks Tiff!

Cupcake Santa

Someone brought in this cupcake Santa Claus to work.



He’s made of multiple dark chocolate cupcakes, all frosted red, and then arranged like a Santa Claus and frosted with some extra red and white trim. Two plastic hands and a plastic head were added, along with a belt and an unusually placed “package”. I am not sure why that was there.

When I arrived, most of Santa’s legs were eaten. I ate his remaining right leg, which was pretty good. Typical store-bought cupcake with super sweet frosting…yum!