Maglio Cioccolatini alle Creme

These chocolates were on the kitchen counter at the office with the Cocoabella chocolates from Valve, so I tried one of them too.



This box was full of foil-wrapped squares of different colors. I don’t know if the colors meant anything, since there was no guide and I am colorblind, so I picked one that looked blue and tried it. WOW! It was a truffle filled with the richest coffee-flavored chocolate ganache I have ever tasted. It was so rich that I wanted to drink a glass of milk afterward. It took a supreme effort of will to not eat any more of these, and I encouraged several other co-workers to try one. Yum!

I don’t know if these were from Valve or not, but a big thanks to whoever donated them!


2 thoughts on “Maglio Cioccolatini alle Creme

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