Surprise Chocolate

I was at work last Friday when a co-worker told me that Maria needed to see me up front in the reception area. I had no idea why, since I wasn’t expecting any packages. I entered the room, where Maria was smiling and told me she had a present for me.



She explained that this package had arrived for a tenant that was no longer in the building, and she thought I should have it. I opened it up to see this.


A hammer? That was weird. But something was underneath it.



A giant block of chocolate! Maria was laughing and told me to go ahead and break it up.



I whacked a corner off and tried it. Not bad milk chocolate…but not good either. About what you’d expect in a big block of nondescript chocolate. Probably 10% cacao, like you’d expect in a store-bought Easter bunny.

I took the slab to the company kitchen and then sent an email inviting my co-workers to break it themselves and eat it. The entire block was gone in less than thirty minutes! I guess they liked it!

I decided to keep the hammer. You never know when it will come in handy.


2 thoughts on “Surprise Chocolate

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