Elit Truffles


I will make a post later with some stats, but I wanted to commemorate this post, since I have now posted one thousand entries on this blog and over a thousand chocolate labels, since I sometimes posted two or more in an entry. I think that deserved some kind of recognition! Huzzah!

And what better way to celebrate than with an especially good entry. My friend Alper C. sent me this box of truffles from Turkey.


The box itself deserves a special mention. To open it, you must untie a ribbon and fold back two opposing covers, and then you can lift the lid to reveal the three rows of chocolate truffles within: one milk, one white and one dark. I tried them all, and no surprise, the dark ones were my favorite. A delicate but crunchy outer shell gave way to an inner core of creamy dark chocolate goodness. Sweet but not too sweet, and very very chocolatey.

The milk chocolate ones were good too, just not as rich tasting, and the white ones…well, they were good for white chocolate. Creamy and not two sweet. I ate one and let my husband and lunch guest eat the others.

Thank you Alper. This was a great chocolate treat to celebrate the blog’s millennial entry!


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