Trader Joe’s Orange Hibiscus Dark Chocolate Bar

I wanted some dark chocolate today, so I picked this unusual bar from the set that Anthony R. gave me.



This bar was fantastic! The chocolate was dark and very rich tasting, and there was a light floral and citrus flavor that complemented but did not overwhelm the chocolate. There were some gritty bits that I didn’t care for, but otherwise this bar was almost perfect. Trader Joe’s can do amazing things with chocolate!


Fazer Liquorice Drage In Milk Chocolate

I let my co-worker Roby A. pick a bar today, and he wanted to try this curious bar from the Fazer collection sent to me by Reemi H.


This large milk chocolate bar was studded with little black licorice candies that reminded me of Good & Plenty. I was not a fan, as I don’t like black licorice. The taste overwhelmed any flavor from the chocolate and it lingered in my mouth for an hour afterward. Robert liked the bar, as did a couple of co-workers, but everyone else who tried it didn’t like it.

Trader Joe’s Salt & Pepper Potato Chip Dark Chocolate Bar

I really needed some dark chocolate today, so I picked another bar from the set of Trader Joe’s bars that my co-worker Anthony R. gave me.



This bar was really good. The 70% dark chocolate was deep and rich, and the salt only accentuated its flavor. There was too much pepper in the bar, and I think they should cut it by 25% or so. But otherwise, it was a very good bar.

And again, I love these labels. This one shows a pepper mill, a salt shaker and a potato taking a ride on a threshing machine. How droll.

Fazer Roasted & Salted Cashew Nuts In Milk Chocolate

I let Robert pick a bar today at work, and he wanted this giant Fazer bar.



This bar should have been great, with Fazer milk chocolate and lots of cashew pieces, but it wasn’t so good. The cashew pieces were nearly tasteless, and they seemed to draw flavor out of the chocolate, which was just OK. Many co-workers tried this bar (more than usual, since many didn’t have seconds), and they all commented on the rather bland flavor.

Oh well, they cannot ALL be good, and most of these Fazer bars were great.

Ülker Caramio

I let my new co-worker Brett K. pick today’s chocolate, a milk chocolate and caramel bar from Turkey, sent to me by my friend Alper C.



This bar was good, but it was very sweet, a little too much for my tastes. Perhaps if the chocolate was dark that would have toned down the sweetness some. But the caramel was great, soft and gooey and rich. It was so gooey that it was hard to break the bar into pieces without some leaking out, and one of my co-workers asked to eat the caramel stuck to the wrapper, so it must have been good!

Edit: I forgot to mention that this was my 1024th post on this blog! So to my programming readers, happy 1K posting!

Fazer Strawberry & Vanilla In Milk Chocolate

I let my co-worker Matt P. pick today’s Fazer bar.



This bar sounded great…strawberry and vanilla…yum! And the bar was pretty good, since Fazer milk chocolate is wonderful. But the strawberry and vanilla flavors were absent. Oh, there were a lot of strawberry bits throughout the chocolate, and you could see them as bumps on the bottom of the bar. But they had no flavor, just an occasional tartness. The bits may as well have been styrofoam. Very few people had seconds of this bar, so I handed it out to more people, and all of their reactions were the same: where is the strawberry flavor?

So I rate this bar as OK. Not bad, but disappointing.

Pillars of Eternity AKA Marabou Daim Chocolate

Two of our team members returned from a game convention in Sweden where they showed off our game, and they brought back actual Pillars of Eternity chocolate bars! How stoked was I?!


The bar’s label was beautiful and showed off our logo and cover art very well.


I opened it up, eager to get to the chocolate inside!


What was this?! There was some other chocolate bar inside! This was just a repackaged Swedish milk chocolate bar! The brand was Marabou and the bar’s name was Daim.


I was outraged! This wasn’t Pillars of Eternity specialty chocolate, perhaps molded into our logo and wrapped in paper resembling adra stone! It was a regular, normal, run-of-the-mill store-bought bar! And do you know what the worst thing was? The bar was pretty good!

Yes, that’s right! I couldn’t even dislike the bar, because the milk chocolate was rich and tasty, and there was buttery almond toffee bits throughout it to give it some crunch. I wanted it to be terrible, to serve as the cherry of spite on my ice cream sundae of indignation, but it wasn’t. I liked it.

So there you have it. My first chocolate bar for a video game, and it was pretty good. Sneaky wrapper yes, but good chocolate.