Trader Joe’s Coffee & Cocoa Nib Dark Chocolate Bar

My co-worker Anthony R. gave me a boxed set of dark chocolate bars from Trader Joe’s. All of the bars within were 70% cacao dark chocolate, each with a different flavor added.



I decided to start at the far right with the coffee and cacao nib bar.



What a crazy label! It looked like a slow loris in a giant coffee mug, about to be poured on by a floating coffee percolator. It looked like some kind of 70’s retro label, but no matter, because the bar inside was delicious! It was dark and filled with the roasted crunch and awesome flavor of coffee and cacao nibs, which just made the 70% bar taste even darker and richer. All of my co-workers loved it and asked for seconds, and we made short work of this bar. And I now I am looking forward to the other six!

Thanks Anthony!


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