The Icy-Pole Company Nutella Popsicle

I had to work last Saturday, because our game just shipped and we needed to make a patch for some errors seen by the players. I had left work early the night before because Robert was not feeling well, so I had missed a company party where everyone enjoyed popsicles made by a co-worker’s wife’s company.

Imagine my delight when I found that there were leftovers in the freezer!


And that looks like chocolate! Flipping the popsicle over revealed that it was nutella!


I unwrapped the popsicle and made short work of it. It was delicious! Very soft and creamy, with thick drizzles of nutella frozen on top.


And do you want to know a secret? It was so good that I ate another one. Don’t tell anyone. But it was too delicious to stop at just one!


B&P Ginger Dark Chocolate

We tried another one of the dark chocolate bars that my ex-coworker Liam E. brought me from Australia.


This bar was very good, but it had a secret. Should I show you? You see, it came out of the package looking like a regular dark chocolate bar.


I thought those little white flecks were the ginger, but on closer inspection, they looked like sugar crystals. Wait, what was on the other side?


Bam! Huge chunks of dried ginger, coated in a thick rind of coarse sugar crystals. Yum! They tasted really good, with a clean ginger flavor and almost no sharp bite. And the dark chocolate was SO good, with a deep roasted chocolate flavor. B&P makes on the finest dark chocolates I have ever tasted. I’d place it in my top five dark chocolates for sure.

Thanks Liam!

Trader Joe’s Chili & Cinnamon Dark Chocolate Bar

I wanted to eat the last bar from the Trader Joe’s pack that my co-worker Anthony R. gave me.


This was a very nice bar. The chocolate was dark and rich, and the cinnamon flavor was also deep and complemented the chocolate nicely. And the chili, which could have been overpowering, was just slightly present, as a heat on the back of your tongue after swallowing the chocolate. Yes, a very nice bar indeed.

Thanks Anthony!

Trader Joe’s Almond Ginger Dark Chocolate Bar

Today I picked this bar from the Trader Joe’s collection that co-worker Anthony R. gave me.


This bar was very good. The dark chocolate was deep and rich and right in my favorite zone at 70% cacao. The almonds were crushed into little bits throughout the bar, and there was just a hint of ginger, which is good because I am not a big fan of ginger and chocolate. But with just a small amount, the ginger managed to give the chocolate a little piquant aftertaste which I liked. All and all, a very good bar!

Fazer Milk Chocolate

We have finished almost all of the chocolate bars that Reemi H. sent from Finland. My co-worker Roby A. wanted to try this plain milk chocolate bar today.


This bar was fairly good. It had some decent chocolate flavor and a great mouth feel from the whole milk used to make it (most of the milk chocolate in the States is made with milk powder), but still…it was plain milk chocolate. But my co-workers loved it, especially Matt S., who came back several times for more.

Thanks Reemi!

Fazer Red Berries In Milk Chocolate

My co-worker Brian M. picked today’s Fazer bar.


This bar was very good. The milk chocolate was smooth and creamy and even had a decent amount of chocolate flavor. Plus there were chewy tart cranberry chunks, and lots of crispy bits that crunched like puffed rice and tasted like raspberries. A look at the ingredients revealed raspberry powder, so I think that they were raspberry-flavored rice crisps. Yum!

Quest S’Mores Protein Bar

This was the last chocolate snack that Ross M. found at the organic food convention in Anaheim.


Yuck, this bar tasted awful. It was oddly sweet, in that the first bite tasted bland, then it became sweet as you chewed it, then it was super sweet when you swallowed, with a minty aftertaste. Very gross in something that was trying to be a s’more. There was very little graham cracker or marshmallow taste, but there was some chunks of dark chocolate. They were ok, but the sickly sweet aftertaste prevented me from enjoying them very much.

Quest, you fail.