Eti Karam Bitter Bademli Portakalli

This is the last bar from my friend Alper C. in Turkey.


This bar was delicious! The chocolate was very rich, much darker than 54% cacao would imply, and much more flavorful.  There were lots of almond bits throughout the bar, and an occasional orange bit too. I liked that the orange was kept in reserve, as I think that flavor detracts from chocolate. All in all, this bar was damn near perfect.

Thanks Alper!


Cadbury Marvellous Creations Jelly Popping Candy

I got this bar from David M. and Damon R. when we were on our Caribbean cruise last month. Yes, I am a little behind on my chocolate eating.


I didn’t care for this bar. The milk chocolate was bland and overly sweet, and while I liked the popping candy (which were like little M&M’s filled with pop rocks), the jelly chunks were really gross. I hate jelly and chocolate, and this was no exception. But the good news is that several of my co-workers liked this bar, and they graciously ate the entire thing.

B&P Salted Cocoa Nib Dark Chocolate

A former employee Liam E. brought some chocolate to the office from his homeland of Australia.



This bar was really good! It was 75% cacao bar, very dark but still creamy and rich. And the bottom of the bar was studded with broken cacao nibs and big crystals of salt. Some pieces were too salty but others were just right, and the nibs added a roasted crunch that made the bar seem even darker. I loved it.

Thanks Liam!

Popcorn Indiana Dark Chocolate Coconut Granola Popcorn Clusters

I had another one of the snacks that Ross M. picked up at the organic food convention in Anaheim.


This was a yummy snack. Each piece of popcorn was enveloped in a lightly sweet granola coating. But while I could taste the coconut, I couldn’t really taste any dark chocolate. If it was there, it was very mild. This snack barely qualified as a chocolate item for this blog.

Patric Holy Mole Bar

My friend Tiff C. gave me this bar to try.


I loved the packaging of this bar. The back explained how the bar was made and what it contained.


And it opened up to reveal the bar and the story of the owner of Patric Chocolate.


The bar was very good too! I am not always a fan of chile and chocolate, but this bar was not too spicy, and the cinnamon helped smooth out the heat from the chiles. The chocolate seemed a little waxy and flavorless at first, but as it melted in your mouth a deep rich chocolate flavor emerged. There was a burst of cinnamon and then a little heat lingered in the back of your mouth as you swallowed it. It really was a well-crafted experience.

Thanks Tiff!

Clif Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt Organic Trail Mix Bar

I tried another snack bar that our houseguest Ross got at the Anaheim organic food convention last week.


Yum! I liked this bar even better than the last one! It contained mostly puffed rice, almonds and dark chocolate, all very lightly sweetened. It was the perfect snack, and it was totally healthy too. I choose to believe that!

Dean’s Beans Hot Cocoa Mix

The hot cocoa mix from my cacao tree came in today!


I was really excited to get this package. It contained four of the pouches you see above, which is a total of three pounds of hot cocoa mix. The cocao came from my tree on a farm in Costa Rica, and the nibs were processed in Massachusetts with pure organic ingredients. I took one pouch to work, where I mixed a couple of tablespoons in with a cup of coffee. The sugar, cocoa and milk turned it into the perfect latte! It was delicious! I plan to make all of my coffee this way for many months to come.

Thanks Robert!