Lindt Molten Lava Cake

I found this Lindt bar at Target last weekend.


This bar was delicious! Yes, the outer bar was milk chocolate, but it was creamy and not overly sweet. And the interior was fantastic! It was a liquid dark chocolate that oozed out when you bit into each square on the bar, and it tasted so good. It had such a deep chocolate flavor. I ate three of the eight squares and reservedly shared the remaining five. I would like to get this bar again and eat it all myself!


Love Grown Chocolate Joy Mighty Flakes

This odd chocolate cereal was another gift from Ross M. that he found at the organic food convention in Anaheim last month.


Wow, these were really good. For a cereal made of beans, they tasted like crunchy dark chocolate flakes, and they had no bean aftertaste that I was expecting. I can’t tell you how well they held up to milk, since I ate them by the handful right from the box, but I expect they’d be good in a bowl too. Yum!

Thanks Ross!

More Imperial Hotel Chocolate

My friend Lucy H. sent me a package in the mail last weekend. I opened it to see a large glossy box.


I opened the box to see a HUGE array of chocolates!


It was more Imperial Hotel chocolates from Tokyo, and in quite a variety! There were dark chocolate squares, milk chocolate squares, hazelnut chocolate tablets, dark chocolate ganache sticks (my favorite), milk chocolate sticks and milk chocolate tablets. And the chocolate quality was amazing, very smooth and rich and creamy. Even the milk chocolate was great.

Thank you Lucy!

The Original One Dollar Bar: Roasted Almonds

This was the final One Dollar bar.


While I am not a fan of milk chocolate, I generally like nuts and chocolate, even milk chocolate. But this bar…no. It had the same chalky milk chocolate, which was expected. But instead of big roasted almonds, it had one or maybe two almonds, slivered into tiny pieces and spread through the bar. You could taste them and occasionally there was a crunch, but mostly it was just nutty-flavored bland chocolate.

Yuck. Good riddance.

The Original One Dollar Bar: Creamy Caramel

Last week, these free candy bars showed up at work, so I grabbed a few of them. Today I let my co-worker Brian M. pick one for us to try.


This bar was awful. The chocolate was salty and chalky, and the caramel inside was both sickly sweet and too salty. If you have ever had a Nestle 100 Grand Bar, then this bar was 0.0001 as good, and with no crispy rice either.


Cadbury Fabulous Fingers

I was given this box of chocolate from Damon and David during our Caribbean cruise in February. Yes, I am a little behind in my chocolates, since I had so many to eat!


The words milk chocolate and white chocolate on the label lowered my expectations for these chocolates, but really, they weren’t so bad. Each stick was a chocolate biscuit, coated first in white chocolate and then again in milk chocolate.


The whole thing was a little too sweet for my tastes, but it was also pretty chocolatey too. I liked them, and so did my co-workers. They were all eaten very quickly!

My favorite part of the label was on the back of the package.


I told my co-workers that they were my “girls” for our “get together”, and yes, it was fabulous! And my co-workers didn’t care. They got free chocolate!

Thanks Damon and David!