Green & Black’s 85% Dark Chocolate Bar

Robert and I had a house guest a few weeks ago, and Cris R. sent me this bar as a “thank you” gift.


I have had their cherry bar and their orange spice bar, and both were terrible, so I didn’t have high hopes for this bar. I expected it to be terrible too.

Boy, was I wrong!

This bar was phenomenally good! The dark chocolate flavor was so deep and rich. It starts with an astringent taste, followed by a brief berry-like flavor, and then the chocolate comes on hard. Fantastic! I had three or four pieces myself, and everyone who tried it raved about it.

I am so sorry I doubted you Green & Black’s 85% Dark. I will find more of you to consume, out of penance of course.

Thank you Cris!


3 thoughts on “Green & Black’s 85% Dark Chocolate Bar

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