Bernard Callebaut’s Copper Box

Our house guest Ross M. had another chocolate gift for us.


This was called The Copper Box, and it looked like it was made of solid metal. The label was very cool, being a kind of plastic that stuck to the box but was not sticky. It peeled off easily and could be replaced multiple times. Which was useful, because they were many layers of truffles inside, too many to eat in one sitting. Here are just a couple of the layers.


They were so many truffles. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate…all with a variety of fillings.


It was impossible to choose a favorite. They were all so good. The seashell one was filled with hazelnut creme, and mini cupcake tasted ever so slightly of rum. The chocolate in all of them was very smooth and rich, and this box just proved that The Dozen from the day before was no fluke. This Callebaut guy knows his chocolate!

Thanks again Ross!


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