Amano Montanya

We ate the last Amano bar at work on Friday.


This was a good dark chocolate bar. Not great, but good. I was surprised that it was single origin, because there were no special flavor notes in it at all. The back of the label mentioned apricot and marshmallow flavors, but no one could taste anything at all, other than a nice deep chocolate flavor. Good, but not worth a premium price in any way.


Melanie Dark Chocolate With Raisins And Peanuts

My co-worker Roby A. gave me another bar from Latvia.


This bar was OK. The chocolate was just middling, with no real deep taste or dark roasted flavor. I didn’t get any raisins in the two pieces I ate (which is good because I hate chocolate and raisins), but I did get some peanuts. It didn’t make the bar much better.

Amano Guayas

I tried another one of the Amano bars, the chocolate that was delivered by mistake when I ordered the Amedei bars.


This was a single origin bar from Ecuador, very dark and very flavorful. It was right at my sweet spot with 70% cacao. It tasted like a good dark chocolate, with just a hint of an aftertaste of blackberries. I think it would have paired well with cheese, perhaps a sharp cheddar. All in all, it was a very good bar.

Wawel Kasztanki

Thanks to my co-worker Matt M., we got to try another Polish chocolate bar at the office.


This was an interesting bar. It had a thin dark chocolate shell, and the inside was a creamy filling that tasted vaguely nutty. I thought it was hazelnut, but Google translated “kasztanki” into chestnut, so I guess that’s what I tasted. I have no idea where the wafers were, since I didn’t taste one and no part of the bar was crunchy.

Overall, this was a pretty good bar. I am liking what Poland has to offer.

Lindt Sweet Popcorn

My co-worker Roby A. brought this bar into the office for us to try.


This was an interesting bar. It was high quality chocolate, and the cream filling was nice. The popcorn bits tasted very mild but their flavor grew in intensity until I couldn’t really taste much else. It was like I dropped a milk chocolate bar on the floor of a movie theater, and then I ate it anyway.

So…not a bad bar, but not a great one either.

Harry & David Chocolate Decadence

My co-worker Olivia V. brought some Harry & David treats into the office, and I sampled something called Chocolate Decadence.


It looks like light brown fudge, but it was much darker when I cut into it. And wow, was it chocolatey! The flavor was deep and intense, and it was very dense. It reminded me of Royce chocolate, in both its consistency and its taste. But it’s cheaper and more easily available, so I think this may become my Royce substitute.

Thanks Olivia!

Amedei 9

This is the last Amedei bar I have to review, but it is by no means the least.


This bar is called “9” because it combines the cacao of just nine plantations in Venezuela, making it single origin (and then some). For Amedei, it isn’t their most expensive chocolate, or the one voted the best in the world, or even the one from Peru, but it is an extremely good bar. It looked lighter than its 75% cacao would lead me to believe (I expected black, not brown), and it even tasted creamier than the other bars. I checked the label, and no milk is listed. And it has a very deep chocolate flavor, so it holds its own with its sister bars. But of the four, it was my least favorite. That’s not saying much, because the fourth best Amedei bar is still better than 99% of other chocolate, but I have had better Lindt bars than this one, so for the price and difficulty in obtaining it, I would rather just eat Lindt.

Still, if you can find this bar, I recommend a taste. It’s quite good.