Fujiya Look

I found this chocolate at Mitsuwa, a local Japanese grocery store.


I wasn’t sure what to expect. Was this a chocolate bar, or truffles, or something in between? When I opened the box, I saw this.


Hmm, it looks like there are three flavors inside.


Aha! The “18” on the label refers to the 18 truffles inside, six pieces of each of three flavors: bitter, ganache and milk. The patterns on the tops of the truffles match the patterns on the inner package, so you know what you are going to get.

Let’s go left to right.

The bitter ones were very good. They were solid dark chocolate, and they had a good flavor and a decent cacao percentage.

The ganache ones were good. They had a dark creamy center, and while it had a good flavor, it didn’t taste as rich as the bitter ones.

The milk ones were ok. They were dark chocolate on the outside, but the creamy center was milk chocolate and tasted far less flavorful than the other two.

So no big surprise that I liked the darker ones the best. Still, this is a good chocolate to buy if I want something yummy, plus they are easy to share. Several of my co-workers wanted to try all three flavors, and with six of each, it was easy to accommodate them.


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