Lindt Blackberry With Acai

Here’s another fruity bar I picked up at the Lindt store in Orange.


I liked this bar a little better than the lychee bar from yesterday. This bar had actual blackberry fruit in it, although the acai was only present in powder form. But like yesterday’s bar, it was only 47% cacao and contained milk powder, so I only liked it so much. I expect better from Lindt.


Lindt Lychee

I found this unusual bar at the Lindt store in Orange.


This bar was good, but it tasted more like a candy bar. At 47% cacao, the chocolate was not as dark as I had hoped, and the lychee bits seemed very sweet and a little off tasting. Then I looked at the ingredients.


Wow, sugar was the first ingredient! And there was no lychee fruit, just lychee-flavored apple bits with “pineapple fibers”. And milkfat? In a dark chocolate bar? Lindt, you are killing me here.

This bar was not bad, but it was disappointing.

Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Covered Honey Grahams With Sea Salt

I found these delightful treats at Trader Joe’s last weekend.


These were delicious. The chocolate looked light, like milk chocolate, but it was deep and rich tasting, and also very thick. On some of the cookies, the chocolate was thicker than the graham cracker. I wish Trader Joe’s still carried the dark chocolate grahams that came in a lady’s hat box, but until that one comes back, I will enjoy these!

Vosges Blood Orange Caramel Bar

My co-worker Nate M. brought in another Vosges caramel bar, but this one had flowers and fruit in it!


This bar was very good, and in fact, I liked it better than yesterday’s salt caramel bar (I am getting tired of the whole salt and chocolate thing). I will admit that I could not taste the hibiscus at all, and the orange flavor (bitter and blood) was very mild, but the caramel was oh so gooey and the chocolate was dark and deep and creamy, in that way that only Vosges and Lindt can make dark chocolate taste creamy. All in all, a very good bar.

Vosges Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt Caramel Bar

My co-worker Nate M. brought this Vosges bar into work. I thought I had had this bar before, but it turns out I had not!


This bar was very good. The smooth dark chocolate I have come to expect from Vosges was broken into eight squares, each of which enrobed gooey salty caramel. I tried to break the squares into pieces to share, and caramel dripped everywhere. It was very messy but oh so delicious.

Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Ecuador 65%

We picked this bar up at Trader Joe’s over the weekend.


I thought I had had this bar before, but that one had a different label and cacao percentage. So I wanted to try this one.

This bar had that singular single-origin flavor. In this case, it had a fruity aftertaste, which my co-worker Nate M. identified as raisins. Sure enough, once he said that, everyone tasted it. Not exactly my favorite flavor, but in this bar, it worked. And as a Trader Joe’s bar, you couldn’t beat the price!

Trader Joe’s Belgian Pound Plus Bar

I met with a professor from UC Riverside last week for lunch, and he brought me this chocolate bar from Trader Joe’s.


This is a great chocolate bar, and not just because it weighs in at half a kilo. At 54% cacao, you would expect it to be a mild dark chocolate, but it looks and tastes much darker, with a deep roasted chocolate flavor and a wonderful chocolatey aftertaste.

I could not believe that I didn’t have this bar already in this blog. I must have eaten around a million of them in the past twenty years, but nope, not one entry here. Well, that is corrected now!