Lindt 85%

I found this bar at the Lindt store in Orange.


How have I missed this bar in the past? I could have sworn I had eaten it, but it is nowhere in my blog. And it is delicious! At 85% cacao, it is right at the upper end of the range I like, but it is soooo good. Somehow Lindt makes this dark bar creamy instead of brittle, like so many high-cacao bars. The rich dark roasted flavor of the beans comes through after a few seconds of chewing, and that flavor is fantastic. I wish all of the Lindt dark bars used this one as their base, instead of their 47% standard.

Surprisingly, there was chocolate left at the end of the day. My co-workers said they liked it and everyone tried it, but no one had seconds. I had thirds and fourths and was happy to wrap up the leftovers for tomorrow, but still, it surprised me that this bar, of all bars, was not fully consumed.


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