ChocXO Truffle Box

My husband Robert bought me this box of truffles at ChocXO when we were finished with the tour.


The box contained 24 truffles, arranged in two layers of a dozen each.


Aren’t they gorgeous? The one in the bottom left looked like a marble, and it was a delicious coconut lime ginger truffle. The two spotted ones were Gran Marnier, and the top right was truffle was peanut butter and jelly! They were all delicious, covered in rich dark or milk chocolate, and the fillings were soft and bursting with flavor. The bottom one, second from the left, was the most banana-flavored creme I have ever tasted. It was like the richest banana creme pie in the world.

Here are all of the flavors.


I have not finished them all, but surprisingly, some of my favorites are milk chocolate. I think it’s because the milk chocolate is so high in cacao that it is really dark milk chocolate. In any case, these truffles are amazing!

Thanks Robert!


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