Boston Grahams & Marshmallow Milk Chocolate

Today we tried another chocolate bar that Brett K. brought back from Boston.


This was a weird bar. It was milk chocolate, so it had that against it. And the grahams tasted like sweet cereal bits. But it was the marshmallows that pushed it over the top. They were little freeze-dried marshmallow bits, super sweet, like the kind you get in cereal. In fact, several co-workers tried this chocolate and said “hey, it tastes Lucky Charms!”, and indeed, that was the aftertaste from this bar. I decided that this bar would make a good part of a complete breakfast, or at least, it could be adjacent to a complete breakfast.

Thanks Brett! I am finding these bars fun to try, and we have more!


Boston Sea Salt Dark Chocolate

My co-worker Brett K. brought this bar back from a conference he attended in Boston.


This bar was pretty good. The dark chocolate was fairly rich, probably about 50% cacao or something close, and it was quite salty. It wasn’t the best chocolate that I’ve ever had, but it wasn’t bad. I thought the label was amusing, since it was covered in Boston-related words, but there were no descriptions of what they meant. And the bar itself was made in New Jersey.

I can’t wait to try the other bars he brought. Thanks Brett!

ChocXO Milk Chocolate + Espresso

I ate another one of the samples from the ChocXO tour last month.


You know…this was pretty good! It was very chocolatey and creamy, and the espresso added a nice coffee flavor. I know you are thinking “But Tim, it’s milk chocolate!”, and I will admit I was surprised at how much I liked this. But at 37% cacao, this bar had three times the cacao in a Hershey bar, so I’d call it a dark milk chocolate.

Royce Chocolate Wafers

My co-worker Mitch L. dropped off a couple of these chocolate wafers from Royce.


Inside this wrapper was a lightweight chocolate block.


It was made of thin wafers separated by a hazelnut cream, with the whole thing covered in chocolate. Here’s what it looks like inside, after a big old bite from me.


This wafer chocolate was delicious. It was very light but very deeply flavored, with the chocolate and the hazelnut tastes both very pronounced. I quickly ate both wafers and declared this treat to be excellent!

Thanks Mitch!

Chuao Firecracker

My co-worker Nate M. brought this chocolate bar into work.


Even though I had had this bar five years ago, and I have had a similar bar from Trader Joe’s, I decided to add this bar again because the label has changed so dramatically. However, the chocolate remained the same. It was a good bar that was diminished by the addition of chipotle, which masked the chocolate flavor. I would have preferred it with just the popping candy.

ChocXO Guantupi

Today I ate the final single origin bar that I picked up after the ChocXO factory tour last month.


This bar was very good, right in my sweet spot at 75% cacao and sporting a wonderful high note that you only taste in single origin bars. In this case, the chocolate had that “bright” aftertaste I have experienced in some other single origin bars, an almost metallic flavor that, to me, tastes like sunlight. My co-worker Matt P. thought it tasted like the aftertaste in some Chinese red bean desserts, and I think he is on to something. Once he mentioned that, I immediately associated the flavor with red bean. I tried a couple more pieces, for science, and I think he is right.