Mulate Tahini Dark Milk Chocolate

I tried another Mulate bar from my friend William H.


This was an interesting bar. It was quite light in color, but it was 45% cacao and very rich tasting. It contained sesame seeds, both ground up in the chocolate and in whole seeds. I liked it, but the seeds did tend to get stuck in my teeth. I shared it with my co-workers and heard some very strange responses.

Matt P. said “it tastes like peanut, but with less pea and more nut”.

Connor R. said “this chocolate makes me do things, and I don’t like doing things” as he tried to get the seeds out of his teeth.

Roby A. said “it’s like Harry Potter and Voldemort had a battle in my mouth and now they are done and I have no thoughts in my head”.

So there you have it folks, the Mulate Tahini bar. I liked it, and my co-workers, well, they have spoken their minds about it.


One thought on “Mulate Tahini Dark Milk Chocolate

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