Sirene Tasting Bars (Madagascar)

My generous friend Matt B. sent me this chocolate bar from Victoria, British Columbia, where he lives.


This package contained two elegantly wrapped bars. Here’s one.


Pretty, huh? Well the bar itself was made of 73% cacao from Madagascar, and it was equally nice looking.


And yum, this bar was tasty too! It was very rich tasting but very light, with a “bright” taste that I find hard to describe. It had an almost metallic aftertaste, but that doesn’t sound delicious, and this bar was certainly delicious. There were two bars, so my husband ate one, and the other I ate slowly while writing this review.


I think I will try more Sirine bars from other countries. Their web page shows Ecuador and Guatemala bars too. I will just need to wait for the heat wave to die down, or the bars will melt before they can reach me.

Thank you Matt!


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